Any beginners want to team up and become accountability buddies?

I’m still very much a noob to WaniKani and Japanese and while now I feel it’s easy to have a constant supply of motivation to study, I’m not sure how long it will last. If anyone who’s also a beginner would like to team up and become accountability buddies, please let me know!

As of writing this, I’m on level 3.

Thank you!


Would be happy to!

Edit: Read the entire post. I’m definitely not a beginner. My bad :sweat_smile:.

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Yeah! :slight_smile: I’m just getting started myself, I’ve been doing Wanikani for about 2 months

Very new to this place and very beginner at Level 2. So Yeah why not.

awesome! maybe we could make a beginners accountability group!

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awesome! I might make a new forum where we can keep track of our progress

Thank you, appreciated it.

You should!! Please tag me if you do

Seeing so many new learners on the forum is super cool to see! Good luck to all of you!


Level 6 counts as a beginner ? :innocent:
I’d like to enter the group if it’s created. A little boost of motivation is still appreciated ^^

Count me in

I would like to join this as well! Just hit level 4 and subscribed so I’m absolutely down for accountability friends!

I still feel like a beginner but would like to join ;-;

You’re more than welcome too!

If you go on my account you can find the other forum and start writing there :slight_smile: