I am finally migrating to a Kindle. Please give me book suggestions

I, some-what begrudgingly, am migrating to a kindle. I came to this conclusion due to my small library being spread out over 4 countries in 2 continents (they are a pain to move…)

Please tell me some good book recommendations from the kindle store (preferably Japanese novels/short stories).

Thank you!

My experience with Japanese books is pretty limited, but I really enjoyed コンビニ人間. It’s a short, but interesting story.

I’m curious what other answers you’ll get. Can’t hurt to get more book recommendations.

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Do you mean this one? I already bought the physical book :P. Thanks though!

Do you use the Kindle store much? If so, how is the collection of books?


Yep, that’s the one!

I only started using it recently, but it seems pretty comprehensive. It’s bound to be missing older works, but I’ve only had one series I looked up not have a kindle version, and it was finally added last year anyway.

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I got a kindle for christmas and really like it! I was just as hesitant as you but I just have no room for all the books I have been reading. If you have Amazon kindle unlimited there are quite a few Japanese books that you can read for free, and if you dont have it they are still quite cheap. These books are for children though and I dont know of any others unfortunately.

I bought my friend a Kindle for Christmas and he both enjoyed and recommended Mori Ogai’s works. Not sure what your reading level is or what reading level you’d need for these books, but you could give his books a try.

Do you have to register the kindle to Amazon Japan to be allowed to download e-books from there?

No, these books are a part of the USA amazon. A few I can think of are: am I small わたしは、ちいさい? Haramakipanda, momotaro Japanese, and slightly eaten pie.
You have to search for them how I have spelled them. The names are in Romanji but you will see in the picture the books are actually written in hiragana. I guess Amazon just cant put hiragana on the USA site

Also if it doesnt pull up narrow your search down to children’s ebooks

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天国の本屋 was the first Japanese book I ever read. It’s about 169 pages long and the story kept me interested enough to read the whole thing. Even though I didn’t understand 100% of it at the time, I understood enough to be able to be moved by the end.



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