Any addon/extension that can show my average new kanji per day?

over a chosen time period, obviously.

I’ve been keeping track of this manually to try and average at least 1/day, but it’d be nice to have an addon that does it for me.

The closest I can think of is the heatmap script. In the lesson page you can click on a day to see the number of kanji lessons for the day. If you drag and drop over a day range you get the number of kanji lessons for the range. You divide by the number of days in the range to get the average.


I am using Wanikani Heatmap and don’t see a heatmap on the lessons page. On the dashboard heatmap you can click+drag like you said, but it only shows you how many total kanji reviews you did, not how many new kanji you learned.

You can toggle between reviews and lessons done :durtle_hello:



That did it - thank you!!


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