Another grammar question

Hey everyone, another quick grammar question.

In one of my grammar quizzes, I have to pick the best-fit phrase for the sentence. The question is:


The answers to choose from are:
A 登れば登るほど
B 登っていて
C 登っていってから

I know that C is wrong, but I thought A fit so I chose that. But the book says the answer is B. I understand why, it makes sense, but why would A not work?

Thanks in advance!

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I kinda like A too, actually. Maybe you’re just not supposed to know that yet?

The whole _れば_ほど grammar point was taught in this chapter though?

Ah whoops everyone, I misread the answer key… It is actually A

I definitely need more sleep


Been looking around and can’t find anything that would support A being wrong. You can find similar phrasing all over the Internet. It doesn’t seem to be a phrasing that requires the same subject in both clauses, it doesn’t seem to ask for a complete aspect (ex. 広がってきた would be OK while ていく would be wrong). I’m just not seeing what’s wrong with it.

Hahaha! We posted literally at the same time. Oh well, at least now we know.

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Ha, A looked right to me too so I was so confused. :laughing:


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