~ば~ほど : the more you <x> the more you <y>

I’m a little confused about how the 太らせれば太らせるほど part:

My dietary plan is basically to make all of my friends cupcakes. The fatter they get, the skinnier I look.

So, the 太らせれば already means if I make them fat, so what does the 太らせるほど after it do? Is it making it a degree comparison? Is this some type of grammar pattern I’m missing out on? It kind of ほど kind of makes sense given the translation, but I’m not sure how to interpret this construction.
Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

It is indeed a common grammar structure! It’s the the more you blank the more you blank kinda thing. If you google for ~ば~ほど grammar form you’ll find a lot of places explaining it + examples :slight_smile: Example, Imabi’s explanation for it: http://www.imabi.net/hodokurai.htm. Then go to the “AすればAするほど” section.

ah ok, thanks!

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