Anki learning focus

So I got the 2k core with word and sentences. My question is, should I just focus on remembering the English sentences or should I also try to debug the Japanese sentences. Because I have noticed that you don’t always understand all words in the sentences.

How do you guys do it?

I am going through the same deck at the moment and if it is a word that I don’t know, then I look it up.

If the grammar they use is a bit unfamiliar to me I usually just accept that I don’t know it yet and after a while (since I study grammar elsewhere) it starts to make sense.
I remember that this was the case with そこには私一人しかいなかった。and later Genki covered the grammar point.

I finished the 2k deck long ago and for me it worked really well to make sure I understood the whole sentence. That way you get a proper context for the word.

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I have configured my core deck to play the audio of the sentence on the front to practice listening. Then I try to translate it. If I get the relevant vocabulary item right then I mark that card as passed, otherwise as failed. If I’m missing some of the other words then I just move on and assume that I will learn them through repetition later anyway. If I had absolutely no idea what was going on in the sentence I might fail it if I feel like it.

I prefer my Anki reviews to be fun, fast and easy. I’d rather go through a lot of different new cards whenever possible than keep going over the same couple of cards again and again.

I like the idea behind the following article and it has changed & improved the way I work with Anki.