Anki Help! UTF-8?

Hello Crabigators! I’ve been using WaniKani and Textfugu for awhile (with a long hiatus due to senior year). This is more of a Textfugu problem, but I know many WaniKani-ers use Anki as well, and no one has responded on the Textfugu forums SO I hope someone out there can help me.

A few months ago, I had no issues importing Textfugu decks to Anki. Now however, with the new update, Anki is saying it cannot upload because the decks aren’t in UTF-8 format. Is there a way to fix this? I don’t have any way of getting the decks onto Anki and I haven’t been able to find any solution to this in the past few days.

Thanks in advance!!

How are you uploading?

Anki file

When I extract the .zip, it’a an .anki file.

ah, that’s an old file type. It’s not supported in Anki anymore. I think you need to import it from the menu. UTF-8 is pretty standard for supporting the Japanese characters

So your file may need to be converted.

Post it here and I will see if I can convert it for you.

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Unfortunately, it seems the majority of Textfugu files are using that file type :persevere:

It won’t let me post the file itself here, but this is the Textfugu page of the first deck he provides, entitled “The Hiragana Anki” (which should be accessible even if you don’t have an account):

Yeah, the TextFugu files haven’t been updated in forever. You’re honestly probably better off googling for third-party decks.

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Here you go - [hiragana]

I made a Textfugu deck you may be interested in as well - [Textfugu Sentences]

I have a list of decks you may find helpful in the following post - [Some Supplemental Material]

And finally I have personally converted to an online flashcard application called It is currently in open beta and has a lot of things going for it that I prefer over Anki.

Hope that helps!

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Wow, thank you so much!! I really appreciate all your help :grin:

I’ll definitely check out the other app, too. Anki can be very frustrating.