Anki deck (@polv)

hello I don’t use WaniKani but was looking for a deck for sentences based on the JLPT levels. I stumbled upon one of your old posts where it seemed as if you had created a deck containing example sentences and had them separated by level but It had expired. is there any chance its still up but using a different link?
sorry if this is the wrong way to contact you I don’t know my way around the WaniKani website

Perhaps this one – Jp Sentences - Google Sheets but I haven’t create an Anki deck for a while…

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Yes i think it is exactly that, i did a little more searching and found that you had posted this dropbox link Dropbox - Jp Sentences by WK Kanji level x JLPT.apkg - Simplify your life
is this the correct deck that contains all the sentences you made?

there was a deck attatched to it, that i tried downloading (above) but it had a ton of issues like audio etc, is that the right one (above)?

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