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Hi everyone, I’ve just discovered Animelon, and while I find the idea and site amazing, some of the translations are completely off… It’s doubly weird because when I click on the “detailed” link, I then get the accurate translation in Jisho.

For instance:
思いっ切り is translated as “I was off” which makes no sense; but then when I click “detailed” I go to jisho which translates

  1. with all one’s strength; with all one’s heart; to the utmost​
  2. resolution; decisiveness​

Is this a regular occurence? Is there a way around it? I wish there was a way to edit your translations directly in Animelon but I haven’t found it…

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Translations in anime subtitles are often terrible. Animelon probably got the subtitles from somewhere else anyway, but my point is that it’s probably no better or worse that the average English anime subtitles.

Yeah, but what is weird is that the word translations (when you click on individual words in the subtitles) are not connected to the English subtitles themselves. And some words are translated fine while others just make no sense. Because of the way Animelon works (with the possibility to translate individual words in real time), it just makes no sense. After all, this is a website geared towards Japanese Learners.

This website has an amazing premise, and I love the concept.

Two things though:

  • 1 They claim legality under fair use which I highly doubt they can get away with, but there are many other sites that bombard you with ads that have not been shut down.

Just remember to support the original creators if you use this site. Buy the DVD or manga from a legit retailer.

  • 2 Yomichan does work with the subs, so you can plug in your own JMDict or Monolingual dictionary and most importantly kireicake for those weird slang words that often appear in anime.
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Thanks for the great answer! I actually have a paying Crunchyroll account and don’t plan on watching new anime on Animelon, as it’s easier for me if I already know what’s happening. Thanks for the heads up though!

I’ll try Yomichan and see, I just liked the idea of having all the words I looked up in one place and tests made out of them automatically… Anything that saves time is welcome at this point lol !

Has anyone subscribed or tried this Chrome extension? Tools look very similar to Animelon just with Netflix. I’ve got LLN and Subadub so not sure if worth it.

Unfortunately, Netflix still has their blockers making my ExpressVPN subscription for JP library useless but at least there is enough titles to still make this tool worthwhile.

I haven’t, but what I like about Animelon is not the two subtitles, but more the fact that I can watch with Japanese subtitles ony, and then click directly on the words I don’t understand to get the translation of that specific word. If there is English next to the Japanese, I’ll automatically read the English…

Also, my VPN works with Netflix, at least for their US library (I’m in France)… Not sure about Japan though!

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Two subtitles at a time is just an option, you can set it however you want. I’m using the trial and essentially you can save a bank of phrases from any show and build a library along with Netfilx translations (which are generally solid in my experience but I watch mostly dramas only).

From what I’m seeing, it saves within the episode but you can’t jump across different shows in the bank itself (but can always go back to the episode you want). And other dictionary/deck extensions work just as well if you want to save specific words for SRS. But it’s $ 0.99/month so depends one’s usage but definitely has more features than LLN or SD.

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I’m using Windscribe and it works great with Netflix. You can also build your own plan, meaning you can choose the locations you want to have access to. Japan + unlimited bandwidth is $2/month.


Matt posted a great video on netflix sub setup. Just thought I’d share it here


Kudos for him :ok_hand:. I think the method he proposes here is great for anyone looking at doing some immersion and taking a peep at a more immersion based learning with material that’s pretty much widely available and some free tools. No piracy involved or cumbersome methods to get material to actually use.

There’re other tools, some I like better actually than what he shows here, but then those are hard to recommend for people not having a much japanese content with matching japanese subs.

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