Anime transcripts (not subtitles) in Japanese?

So… My Google-fu has failed me in my search for transcripts in Japanese for anime. Suggestions? Or is this just not a thing?

3 Likes has full transcripts (kana, kanji, romaji, english) for all the animes they host. It’s all interactive, so you can follow along. I don’t remember if there’s a download button for the transcripts.


rfindley, once again saving the day!

(I may have to see if they have a few I know…)

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You can download a subtitle file, and edit it with a subtitle editor (I used Aegisub). --> then you will get a full transcript.

You can find an article on this somewhere on this Forum, and on Tofugu website, I think.

Ok, is kind of even better than what I was looking for. Thanks!

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Do you need the actual video for this? I stream pretty much everything so I don’t have any video files.

Where exactly can i download subtitle file? Am i missing something?

Actually, you don’t even need to download the video files. Also, subtitle files are very small sized, unlike video.

The legal status might be in the gray zone, though.

alternatively you can open srt files in raw text editor (notepad/textedit) which works to read them


Hmm… I can’t seem to find them…
Also, the video kept loading and loading. (I wonder if it’s because I’m out of region? I had Hola turned off… but I did see the spinning watermelon.)
The chat there seems quite dead.

Love the idea… great selection… but doesn’t seem to work at all.

How did you get it to work, @ChipsandDimp?

That’s right – notepad; although I would generally recommend NotePad++.

Not only *.srt, but also *.ass, *.ssa

Drag and drop works.

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teehee, .ass

(dont mind me i need to go to bed)


IDK? I opened it in Chrome and watched it.

But did you find transcripts?
(or are Japanese subs encoded onto the videos?)

I was having loading problems earlier, too. Seems to be working right now, though.

You can find loads of subs here.


Ohhh… so it must’ve been the servers on their end, probably…

I’ll have to check it out tomorrow. If they play there videos Raw + Japanese subs… there are a few shows I could re-watch that I’ve already seen with English subs. There’s also Guilty Crown that my sister told me about (but I haven’t seen it yet). Hmm…

But it’s not really a place to just grab and download SRTs or transcripts to read as TXT files or PDFs or anything, huh?

I checked, and didn’t see a download button anywhere. I’m on a tablet at the moment, so I can’t check if you can just highlight the transcript and save it. I’m sure it could be done with a script, though.

It’s intended as an interactive learning tool, so you can click on a line in the transcript to jump to that point in the video. Click on words to get definitions; translate; browse your translation history for follow-up study, etc.

Basically, I stopped watching streamed videos from Crunchy Roll, because the Internet is slow. Also, “Not Available In My Region”. I subscribed too, but then I unsubscribed.

Now, I actually stop watching Anime almost completely.

I had a look at the website angular script myself, (can’t believe I forgot about this site).

Anyways, the website uses subtitle data, but delivered in JSON format, which is used to organise and present subs and transcripts.

So nothing like a text file you can extract directly. Would need some tinkering/userscript to process the data and generate a text file with just the transcript :slight_smile:

Update - How to extract Subtitle File(.ass) from Animelon
If you know web dev/web console, you can navigate to the .ass(sub) script/file with this command:


The third array as shown below is the Japanese one, and the assString contains the sub file data we want. (May not always be the third array)


Just right click this data and ‘Save as…’, remove any extraenous text (console text at top and bottom) and Volia! You have your sub file :slight_smile:

Example: Remove text at top before [Script Info]

Example: Remove text at bottom(including double quote on last dialogue line)