How to get anime with Japanese subtitles

I found a website in which you can get anime with japanese subtitles. Many of you may already know about it.


Awesome! Japanese Netflix is a great option too, but only available if you are in Japan or…

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Search results for “animelon”


Seems that a lot of people are already aware of it :joy:

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It’s new to me… Thankies!

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Thanks! didnt know about this site! definitely will be useful!

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I’ve tried using this site before, but it used to be really slow back when it first launched. It seems they have improved it a bit, so I think I’ll try using it a bit more now.

Warning: do not shake the wiggly thing on the tool page.


New for me. Looks pretty good!

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I watched a few eps of K-on the other day lag free, so I think the site is good now. Only issue I have is that they have a small selection, but 仕方がないね

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Lol i had my volume on full on shook it, almost burst my eardrums :joy:

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Thanks for posting this, I’ve meant getting into anime eventually so this site will come in handy.

I love the big amount of subtitle options they give you, impressive.

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Wow, that’s cool!! Thanks. But is it legal?:hushed:

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I think they’ve changed it since I last went there but if I remember correctly they were pretty open about saying that what they were doing was illegal but their reason for it was that the ends justify the means.

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I think they try to make an argument for fair use, but yeah, it’s illegal.

Just as I thought. :expressionless: Have anyone tried Anime Strike by Amazon?

I had Anime Strike for a month. The quality of the newer content was good, but the older content was hit or miss. Some were fine, but others had issues with the subtitles. Mostly though, there just wasn’t enough content which is why I canceled after only a month.

Yeah, me think so as well. Either you’ll be watching some illegal content or just buy a lot of blu rays.

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