Animelon, any tought about it

i found out about Animelon a couple of months ago, it was very early for me (and still is today probaly), but soon i will start to read some japanise book and i want to know if this site is actually good for learning japanese alongside to classical book reading. do you guys have ever used it? any thought or tips ?

I’ve been using it a lot for my immersion time, both active and passive.
I turn off the English subtitles entirely. :smiley:
I do turn on both ひらがな and 漢字 subtitles, though.

During active immersion, I’ve found that the Japanese subtitles are sometimes parsed in a way that can cause issues with internal translation. So, you’ll want to use it in conjunction with other resources, if you’re picking out vocabulary from it.

Due to what I’ve said above, I’d suggest having at least a sense of how Japanese grammar works. I think half way through Genki I should give you that, or the first 5 lessons of Cure Dolly, if you find the channel bearable.

Honestly, though, my favorite part about it is the internal video player system with the pausing, looping, and slowing features, as well as being able to auto-stop after each line of dialogue. Not having to find a way of doing that elsewhere is why I use it, really.

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oh i see, thanks so much

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