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Starting a few days ago the script in the app that advances automatically to the next review if you get it right had been messing up on me. If I get a review wrong then it stops working. If I switch apps it seems to stop working. The only way I can get it to work again is by closing and reopening the app. It’s happening on my tablet and phone. Anyone else having the same issue? (I’m talking about the pink WK app.)

Edit: It also triggers it if I click on the wrap up or info button.

I use unofficial (Wanikani Mobile) app. Same behaviour here.

Did it just start happening recently?

@Kumirei @AnimeCanuck
Are you guys having this issue? (I think at least one of you used this app.)

Yes, I was using the feature before and it was working ok. It starts going bad about week ago.
For me it working bad if I use button on android onscreen keyboard.

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I very rarely use the app, I avoid it like the pest

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Yes I noticed it recently. But I can’t tell for sure if it wasn’t like that before because …
(puts black glasses on)
I don’t happen to make review mistakes often. :relieved:

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Thanks anyways. :wink:

Interesting… I wonder if something WK changed is causing this…

Hey @alexbeldan, while I do believe we use the same app (at least some of the time, a post or two I’ve read from you makes me believe you use more than one?), I do not have th auto-advance script enabled. In fact, I had originally turned off all scripts on it (and yet somehow override/ignore persisted) and only more recently turned on the 1x1 for doing small amounts of reviews from a large pile while commuting on the subway (with an intermittent connection).

[EDIT: Everything I said above is about the other, older app.]

Oh, I don’t use the pink one. I use the other one.

I suggest you tell the developer in his thread about the app in the API section… Or @him/her here.

Dev’s name is Xip and the thread is here: [Client App, Discontinued] WaniKani for Android

Happened to me only once in the last week.

EDIT: This question probably was already answered… but why doesn’t the official WK team doesn’t launch an official app? :o

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Thank you very much!

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