An option to ignore already known words

I think there should be an option to ignore the words (before starting a vocab). As almost all of the language learners are learning from several resources and due to which there are lot of vocabs that are known to many of us even before reaching that level.
If you all also need something like this kindly message WK for the same.

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It’s clearly stated in the WaniKani Knowledge Guide that this is not possible, sorry :slight_smile:

Apart from that, in the [Review] Making it to level 60 as an advanced Japanese learner post @Naphthalene senpai described their journey as an advanced learner in case you are interested.


The thing I always say to that is:

If you already know it, what’s the issue? It adds a few seconds per known item to each review session where they’re present. Absolute worst case, you loose maybe a minute a day and a teeny bit of finger strain. Best case, you reinforce you knowledge.


I was sooo happy when I got known words. I wish there would be more, but the higher the level the rarer they get :smiley:


That’s why I reset back to 30. I know most of the content but my knowledge has become shaky.

Although, realistically, it’s still extra workload. I’d definitely like to skip trivial stuff like ベッドの下.


テーブルの上 is worse, because the “-” is always so annoying to type in Wanikani :smiley:

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Very very true, especially that the regular hyphen/dash and the Japanese long sound ー are not the same character actually.

While I agree that some vocab items like all possible weekdays (that really grinds my gears) are not needed, there is a number of assumptions here. WaniKani can’t possibly anticipate how we learn Japanese outside of the platform and its main priority is teaching kanji through mnemonics, radicals as building blocks of kanji and vocab to enforce memorization of different readings in different word contexts.

If you find a word redundant, you can “skip” it by using a simple 1-letter synonym :slight_smile:

Oh no, ハーミトさま is no longer a 仙人 T.T . My resolve has been shaken!

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How do you guys type it in other IMEs? I always use the same dash no matter what IME I’m using. I wasn’t even aware there was another way.


If there are hundreds or thousands of them I can see it being annoying, as that’s not just a few seconds. But maybe then WK is not the best tool then with a lot of previous knowledge.

Timesink is worse on WK compared to anki, since instead of a tap you have to type an answer twice. Just if you have a limited amount of time and SRS is taking away time spent on more useful things.

But I agree it’s not a good idea to add a skip button, as that can be a slippery slope.


On a physical keyboard - easy. On a phone you’d need to long-press or to go on a special charaters screen (unless you’re using japanese input, in which case typing meanings is annoying).


I actually had to check again with fcitx on my PC and it looks like the length is different, but for instance Jisho recognized both - and ー as the long sound symbol. The browser ctrl + f finder doesn’t recognize them as the same, though.

When doing a Unicode search I came across this:

So theoretically you type the same character, but the IME converts it to the correct long sound character.


I see the half-width one there… which is just… a scrunched one, so yeah, it superficially resembles a dash.

But in any case, I just didn’t see how it relates to typing in WaniKani. It sounded like there was some other way to make a vowel lengthener besides using a dash key, or that there was something specific to WK. If that wasn’t what was meant, never mind.

I suppose, but isn’t any dash equally difficult to type on mobile? I never thought about it, since I have to use them in English sometimes as well, so I do the button presses pretty much from memory.


This was my thought too - it’s not any harder than any other character like a question mark.


Well yes, that’s a fair point and yeah, if they’re an advanced enough learner to have already learned hundreds of vocab items and be able to recall them perfectly then it might be easier to use a system that has a known words system already.


This. I get really excited when I find a word I already know, since it’s a nice little oasis of relaxation. Plus it makes learning the surrounding vocabulary (which I didn’t know) much easier to understand.


It’s okay if some people want to repeat that word. If there were an option to ignore those or remove it from your next words, that would be great for those who dont like to repeat words like 食事 食べ物 . These words are too basic for any intermediate or advanced learner, one can recall it for a lifetime without forgetting at all.

Yes, exactly . These seconds add up to become hours and over the time it could snowball into a day also. I would not like to waste my hours on stuff like counting from 1 to 10.

Their policy or guide can be changed. It is made for the user. Things must change with time or things perish.

Yes, people just need to try asking for 10 more years. Any day could be the day :slight_smile:


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