An Alternative to Anki!

GUYS, I am so shookt right now, or maybe you already thought of this and I was just late to the game?

So we all know how Anki takes a bit of a learning curve to learn, right (I learned it but I got so annoyed it took me so long, plus I don’t like the interface)? So, I realized I could get the same benefits of Anki using Trello plus automate the SRS similar to how WK does it.

Just make a list with a common theme, say, “Kitchen stuff,” and each card under it is a vocab word that falls under that theme. Put the kanji or whatever you’re memorizing as the card’s name, attach a photo as a hint, and write the correct answer within the card description (don’t peek when you’re reviewing obviously), then activate the power-up Card Snooze and choose when the card will appear on the list again!

OMG. I AM SO SHOOKT. Sorry, Anki.


Wow, never thought of that! I always feel frustrated using flash cards because I find a lot of the UI were lacking. Will definitely try this out, thanks!

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I KNOW! I wish I’d thought of this sooner! And, if you’re already using Trello, you know you can add labels too, so I’m planning to follow WK’s Apprentice to Burned framework omg

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I haven’t used Trello personally, but I have many friends/colleagues that do. Thanks for the hot tip! :blush:

But doesn’t that mean you have to re-snooze manually cards every time?
This seems even harder to use than Anki for me… At least I can use Anki with just the keyboard.

I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard a lot of people use Houhou:


True. But I really can’t stand putting in so many commands in the Anki settings just to make the cards the way I want to, so I guess it’s a fair trade.

Oh, thanks! I’ll definitely look this up and see how I fare with it. :slight_smile:

I am using houhou as well. I also tried to use anki in the past and was a bit put off.

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Well to be honest the first time I used Anki I was pretty much put down too. In its bare bones It’s quite unfriendly and unapealing. But when your think the kind of cool stuff you can do… it’s a whole new thing.
After searching for some shared decks, I realized the potential it has. Now and after putting some of the add-ons to play, it’s an entire new program.

You can include word pronuntiation from natives in your cards (jpod101 audio add-on), can play with the TTS reading for sentences as well, automate furigana creation for my sample sentences… And if you become really greedy… some multimedia sentences from your favorite show (via Subs2SRS) :star_struck::star_struck: … the fun goes on and on.
Anyway, I wasn’t shure at first doing an entire deck myself, was too much for me… So I downloaded the Core10k, and only activate the cards with the vocab I’m learning everyday form any resource. Eventualy I have to do my own cards when they are not on Core10k, but it’s very different that making the whole 2-10k words + sentences myself, so far my active cards are 1400, 200 I’ve made myself. A fair compromise :sweat_smile:

Given my only previous SRS experience was the JPod101 flashcard decks… wich were rubbish IMO.

Anyway Anki has so many fans for a reason, it’s good. :sunglasses:

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I understand that people complain about Anki’s learning curve, but the UI is ok in my opinion. It’s just a flash card, it shouldn’t be fancy and distract you from learning.

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