Am I on target? Still level 1


I am seriously not the sharpest tool in the shed and have read the FAQ’s but just cant work out if I am on track. Could you look at my progress and tell me if I am doing it correctly?



Have you done any of the kanji lessons you unlocked? You seem to have leveled up all the radicals in level 1.

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Yes, your next step is to do your 18 kanji lessons.

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Thank you very much. I will try and do those.

I understand now. Thank you.

Saying hello here. Glad to have read this, as I am in a similar boat. Didn’t see the kanji lessons either lol!

I blame that grey indicator. We often associate grey with “inactive” or “disabled” in interfaces and our eyes are trained to glance over them. Reviews happen too often, so we’re usually looking for those when we open the paga, but lessons are less frequent and especially lessons resulting from that one kanji that got left a little behind can be ignored for some time. From a UX perspective it would be better if those indicators changed color (gold maybe?) every time there are new reviews or lessons.


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