Nearly 2000 days later, finally lvl 60

It’s been a real long time coming, with some ups and downs. But it’s finally done-ish!

Level ups were pretty scattered, and then years off at times. Gained like 1800 reviews at two different points…

Lastly, another cool chart I found of review time-line.

What I found to be helpful was writing the Kanji a few times, as well as Kanji etymology ala Kanji study app’s outlier add on. The meaning of Kanji wasn’t a useful as having the pronunciation patterns pointed out. Has made guessing readings much easier.
I’ve found that wikitionary does some Kanji etymology too I think, and some monolingual Dictionaries.

The real question is what to do next. I’ve been reading for a while, so it makes sense to tackle more of that and other forms of immersion.
trying to tackle grammar some more with things like 級を教える人のための日本語文法ハンドブック series and 日本語文法のしくみ.

If anyone has some recommendations on what they did after I’d love to hear them. I’m not sure what role srs should play after burning these things. And not sure how useful it is to learn more Kanji.

Anyways, woo-hoo


Wow! Talk about dedication!

You’re already reading, so that’s great. Bunpro provides grammar up to N1, but I’m not sure if that’s any use to you. They have a free trial, so you could have a look around as to what could be useful. Is there any specific goal you have in mind? Maybe you want a specific job in Japan? You could try learning more jargon for that specific job, so you can start reading Japanese information regarding that job maybe?


Yeah, been reading since around lvl 30. Definitely gotten a lot easier…

Yeah, I’ve been using renshuu for grammar. I’ve heard of bunpro before.

My main goal has been to be able to consume media in Japanese. It’s nice to have a whole new area of things to read or watch…
Don’t plan to move to Japan or anything.



Congratz on 60!!!

Also, I just love this:

First time posting, basically introduction at 60! =D

Hope you stick around, it is a great community =)

I started more than 4 years ago myself, and going slow, so will be around same ish count when I reach the finish line =P


wow congratulations!! slow and steady wins the race (I started late 2015 too and I still got a while to go before 60 lolol). I think just keep trying to read native stuff now, if you wanna go further with srs consider transitioning to monolingual definitions if possible.
Anyways, much obliged for those resources you linked, always like finding new jap materials. The first one actually looks somewhat comparable to what I’ma recommend – 日本語文型辞典 – the holy grail of grammar resources with nice example sentences, fairly simple explanations written in japanese, and I like having all the grammar points in one volume (unlike a dictoinary of x Japanese Grammar split into 3 volumes).
Congratulations again, keep rocking on in your studies !


Have to make an introduction with style xD.

Slow is good, the 50s are rough…


Ooh, thanks for another resource.
I do love collecting those.

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