Am I mistaken or has the forum become much more quiet since New Years Eve? Are you guys mostly lurking (like me) or have you quit?

It has been over 3 months now into 2020 and at the beginning there were so many people like me at a pretty low level. I kind of said to myself that I wanted to keep an eye on the other newbies so I have the motivation to pull along, seeing the journey as a whole can be scary but we all can do it if we keep at it.

I know the simple answer is that most people lost motivation and couldn’t keep the New Year’s Resolution but it still keeps me wondering. There were a lot of people who have been studying for years and were just new to WaniKani, others even had blogs and some were really active in the forums.

I mean my motivation and discipline aren’t depending on other people, I love WK. It’s just a little disheartening and something I think about once in a while.


it seems so…


Clearly we’re all busy partying with all our friends. :upside_down_face:


I noticed too , but I dont think its because people lost interest, or is it?

In my case, I got busy with other stuff which is mostly school related… and I am also planning on what to do after graduation as well.

I still do my reviews and lessons (although the time I spend on them is now somewhat shorter), but I do them diligently (most of the time). So, it doesnt neccessarily has to mean that people have given up on WK, maybe they just dont have the time to be active in the community :-3

But if thats not the case either, it might be something that reminds me of the Gym phenomena. Its after New Years that a considerate number of people sign up for a gym membership to find themselves quitiing after a few days, maybe eveb weeks.
I must say though, this tendency does not only happen to the gym, but in all areas of life. It heavily depends on the individual and if his/ her reason is strong enough to follow up with his/ her goal.
I mean, I am also guilty of setting goals I dont work on. Its normal. But WK is not one of them .


Lurking mostly. :slight_smile: Sometimes busy, and trying to stay focused on the Reviews/Lessons more than the forums + studying grammar.

Expecting a post called… “Am I mistaken or has the POLL become…” :smiley:


Well hopefully every single one of you guys has an amazing immune system. :wink:


Well, funnily enough, even the POLLs have become less since New Year’s Eve. :crazy_face: So that title would be kind of fitting. Someone should do it.


They keep editing the same thread, right? haha

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I remember thinking the same thing every year. There’s a bump of activity around summer, usually (summer break?) but yeah, there are real drops in activity sometimes.


I don’t know about the difference between now and the start of the year, but I’ve felt like it has been a lot more quiet in the last couple of weeks or so. But I don’t know if that is because I maybe check the forum more often right now so everything gets spread out throughout my day instead of in a couple of longer doses, or if the area I spend the most time on on the forum happens to be quiet but not the rest or… I was wondering if the reduction is because more people are working from home, they aren’t visiting the forum as much (I’ve noticed the forums are always more busy on weekdays when people go to their jobs).

Or maybe this is normal seasonal stuff as some mentioned, and I just didn’t notice it last year. (Possibly because at this time last year I was moving to Japan, so I was a bit busy. ^^ )


or have you quit?

Anyone who’s not here, please raise your hand. :stuck_out_tongue:


this. Posting on forums goes pretty much counter to learning Japanese. Less people posting the better if you actually want people to get on with acquiring Japanese or learning kanji.

In fact one of the scripts I run disables the forums from showing up on the dashboard completely.


Seems unfair. It’s definitely counter to my productivity at work, but I can’t say it’s affected my Japanese studies in a negative way.


I would imagine another reason: that people who are not on the forums are busy studying. Since, for the most part, one isn’t studying if they are on here, and just talking about studying isn’t the same. And participation in the forum isn’t needed to learn what the service has to offer. Exact opposite but hard to tell since, well, not here xD


Oh, so posting in a book club thread, asking about help to understand the Japanese that one just read is countering learning Japanese? :thinking:


A lurker here. wave


Im not quitting dont worry




Hi! People talk about “filling their time” during self-isolation, that has NOT been a problem for me at all. I’m overwhelmed by the changes I’ve had to make to adapt. Moreover the stress of the pandemic has had a negative impact on my ability to remember kanji. Reviews started piling up with more wrong answers (went from around 85% correct to usually about 65% correct) so I’ve stopped doing lessons. I’ve just focussed on keeping up with my reviews for the time being and not being hard on myself for slowing down. I hope to start learning again soon…


Definitely lurking here