Am I Missing Something

Ha, I’d love a bowl right now too!

I taught English in Korea for a year and Jjigae was my nickname. It felt appropriate to use it again when signing up to WK :slight_smile:

I’m Scottish, so you can bet my heavily-accented Japanese will be hilarious, if not completely unintelligble.


I just finished a 70 item review session, I guess it took me 40 minutes, maybe more? But in that time I also read a few emails, drank a pumpkin spice latte, and day dreamed a little:p

Edit: I also do spend a bit of time reviewing the mnemonics for items I get wrong, or comming up with better ones for items I repeatedly get wrong.

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Aw man, definitely keyboard.

For a while I was using the Japanese phone -keyboard input, but it took forever. It slowed me down by more than half for sure!

I do use it for Lingodeer though. For some reason I prefer to do that on my phone. I like to take my time with LD, whereas I seem to treat WK reviews as a sprint.

Oooh, no I don’t. It looks interesting though.

Do you recommend it? Has it helped your recognition outside WK?

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Definitely ! Slowed me downed and lowered my accuracy (from 98 to 96%, so twice more mistakes !).

But I feel like it’s easier to read scribbled manga, handwriting, or on the web with a different font.
I recommend !

I got it from “The Ultimate Guide for WK” :


I can double down on the recommendation, it really helped me outside of WK, i havent really installed any crazy font like handwriting, but just having ~5 pretty standard ones helps in not relying on exact “picture” in mind too much. Also some fonts do it differently and connect a line somewhere where others have a gap, so it prepares you for things like that


Thanks for the recommendation @Wantya and @Nirgan !

Installed and now patiently waiting for my next reviews with trepidation


its a bit complicated process so it might take a few tries to get it working since you need those fonts installed too (and referenced in the script setting), so dont get discouraged if its immediately not working

a small tip for using it - you can still see original font if you hover the item with a mouse, so if you are curious about differences sometimes, you can just move the cursor on/off several times, pretty neat thing

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Personally that’s about the speed I go for such a number. I imagine some people are stubborn and will wall at one for a while refusing to concede or maybe some people like a refresher on each review by reading the texts under, other meanings/readings and examples.

I tend to just fold at 2 minutes if one really gives me trouble since that’s a sign to me that my story was not clear or I didn’t paint a good picture with the radicals in my mind, and I typically only struggle with 10% of the reviews handed to me so i’ll never run over 15m max on a big big review session

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For me, the SRS stage of the items is a big factor in the time it takes me to complete my reviews. When I was starting out and doing every lessons as they became available, I could sprint through all of the apprentice/guru items and do 100, 150 items an hour. But right now I’m coming back from a wanikani break and almost everything in my queue is something that’s about to hit Enlightened or Burned, and it takes me an hour to go through 30 cards.


Yeah, this is my second time through WK (only made it to level 10 or so last time before real life kicked in), and I’m making a real effort with my mnemonics. I think I thought I could just memorise the shape of the kanji last time, until they all became really similar!

Ah, ok. I get it now. This makes sense.

To quote the Matrix , “Ignorance is bliss.”

Thanks for the heads up. It wasn’t working during my last reviews there, so I’ll have a tinker with it tomorrow.

It seems like a really useful script to start using early though. Definite nobori & manga prep!

I’ll be ble to spot a Yakitori shop from 100 paces in no time :sunglasses:

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I can kind of see where these people are coming from. I suffer from a severe case of ADHD, and whenever I’d see a word and an answer doesn’t immediately pop into my mind, I would try to remember. But remembering isn’t “taking your brain on a linear path to the answer”, it’s a very unclear and uncontrollable process. As a result, my mind would wander, sometimes forgetting everything and looking for several minutes at an item without realizing.

Then I got a script that put a timer on my screen when reviewing. Somehow, that motivated me to go fast, and it felt A LOT better to do so. Not just because of the tremendous amount of time I’m saving, but I’m also feeling more confident, really getting into a flow to the point I feel even my accuracy is better like this. All I’m doing is putting down the first thing that comes to mind without pondering too much, because that’s how you would use it in conversation. I’d recommend all the “slow reviewers” to give it a shot. I’m surely not going back.

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Ugh I hate that one. I missed it a couple time by typing, “With all ones might”. I ended up synonyming it to “all out.”


I dunno. I’ve been tracking it for like a year, so that I can manage my time…
But I average a minute per review to clear. So yeah, that’s an hour for 60 reviews, even if I try to call it a “speed round”.

If I don’t figure it out fairly fast, then I miss it on purpose. But it’s not cleared until it goes back in and comes around again and again until it’s correct. I’m typing answers in on my cell phone. It seems fast, but then I have these average times…

So maybe it’s old slow brain? It’s also often interrupted by duties, but even when it’s not…

The only time I can clear reviews with times like many of the above people reported is when I know things already pretty well (which only happens like on the 3rd day reviewing the same one)… but I’ve got such a mix of reviews each time after a year…

I constantly look things up that are confusing me while doing reviews, and write notes (like what did I mix it up with; what word do I know this from with that reading, my own mnemonics, if they’re any good).

That’s strange me to as I really take my time on the lesson and coming up with my own mnemonics if need be. For vocabulary I would also read the context sections and word combinations section too. By doing this I do through my reviews very quickly and have high accuracy. Sometimes I may forget or get stubbed on one and then just simply review it in the recent mistakes, but overall I agree with you if people are spending 30min on 30 reviews then perhaps it’s the way they study the lessons that is not the most efficient in my opinion anyways.

Sorry @sudgy, I forgot to reply to your message.

I’m averaging around 98% accuracy, with most of my problems coming from the exception readings towards the last Guru SRS. Obviously a few others here and there as well, but i am low level still and haven’t had too many enlightened come around yet.

The speed of the reviews seems to work for me and I can get into a bit of a trance while doing it. I don’t stop till their all done. I usually have ~40-50 reviews, but the odd 80 when the radicals come back around.

I think if I took my time with each one and did a bit more reading into the vocab/kanji then it’d break my flow. I would only do that if I really didn’t recognise the reading/meaning and do the “lesson” again.

This will probably happen more often when the enlightened / burns come around in force!