Am I correct in this?

So the following sentence (I hope It’s correct)


Can that be “What color is Anna’s dog?” and “Anna, what color is your dog?” depending on the context?

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Grammatically I think it’s correct, but 犬 means dog.

What part are you worried about? It’s fine (save the species confusion)

Yeah… whoopsie typo on my part :smiley:

But it can mean both of these things depending on the context, or am I wrong in this?

Yes, it just depends on whether you are talking to anna or not.

I mean… depending on whether you’re asking her or someone else you’d translate it differently into English, since we tend to use “your” instead of a person’s name when talking to them.

That’s less of a grammar question and more of a culture question though.


Yes, I just had to make sure that I understood that part about who the question is directed to. I’m learning very basic grammar at the moment, and this was one part that is a bit different for me. Both English and Swedish works like you described.

Thank you both!

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