Almost 500 reviews in Queue

I’m guessing it is going to take me about two hours to finish. Just a mandatory complaint post. I hope you all have a better start to your day than I’ve had.

update: all done finally XD


Blow through them, then spam recent mistakes a few times and don’t miss out on the new reviews. Ez. You got this.


I went on a lengthy vacation and foolishly thought I could keep up. Unfortunately I could for the past 2 weeks, and I had 1000+ reviews piled up. So I reset down to Level 15 (from 17), which got my reviews down to about 900. So I reset again down to 12, which seems to be more manageable now.

My advice would be to stop doing the lessons. If you do lessons everytime new ones appear you are always going to get high number of reviews. Right now just do reviews only, but don’t do them all at once. Just do about 50-100 reviews then under the Extra Study section review Recent mistakes multiple times. Then wait a few days later and do anther 50-100 reviews and repeat the process until you get the review number down to 0.


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