350 lessons in two hours


been slacking a lot on the old japanese lately, and the butthole is sore after that beating

only got 71%, but lots of burns which was nice


I feel yah. I had a similar backlog and my brain definitely hurt by the time I was done.


I think the biggest batch I’ve done so far was 300ish. Definitely felt the pain that time.


Reviews you mean :)?

350 lessons would be so tough.

My biggest pile was just under 500 reviews. I did like 300 reviews each day until it went down to 0. No more holidays away until after I guru 60 haha.


Jeeze, it already kills me waking up in the morning to 40-80. Think max I ever woke up to was like 118 when I slept in quite a bit o_o



Just did 150 odd after a day off… I’m used to this grind from other platforms but I start making mistakes on WaniKani because of all the typing. It’s really annoying messing up a word you are really confident in because you’re typing fast to get through your backlog.


Oh thank heavens! You mean reviews! I was about to pray for your soul…


Highly recommend you make use of the override script if you don’t already. I wouldn’t abuse it, but it makes up for the accidental typos that happen.


350 reviews is impressive. 350 lessons would be a miracle (is there a word for a bad miracle?)


I’ve just come back after a very, very long time off… over 900 reviews and 200 lessons ;_; it’s taken me a week to clear the backlog and I’m getting about 300 reviews a day… roll on Guru and getting rid of these bad boys - I’d forgotten pretty much all of them so over half dropped down a level. So now they keep coming back to haunt me.


Only 350 reviews in 2 hours ? I just did 150 in 26 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Seriously good job. It’s hard getting back into Wanikani with so many reviews waiting.


You might want to consider splitting larger reviews into multiple smaller chunks instead, and do other things in-between.