Userscripts stopped working after Chrome updated to version 89


All of my userscripts stopped working after Chrome updated to version 89 - has this happened to anybody else? I verified the WaniKani Open Framework is #1 in TamperMonkey, I tried disabling and re-enabling, but nothing seems to wake up the User Scripts.

Any suggestions?

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Hmm, hasn’t been any problems for me, scripts and everything are running as usual


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Also on Version 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit). No problems here.

I recently had similar problems with Tampermonkey after a Firefox update. People suggested to switch to a different script runner called Violentmonkey (haven’t done that yet, but I’m on and off about it right now).

I don’t know why it broke, but after trying everything else I could think of, I uninstalled tampermonkey, then re-installed it and most of the userscripts I had been using, and its fine now. Ghosts in the machine.

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