After more than a year's break due to IRL stuff, I finally got my lessons and reviews to zero again

Last spring I had a lot of bad things happen in my life that made me just not able to focus on learning Japanese. You can see in the chart of my activity I slowed down a lot (after having been very dedicated up until then), and didn’t even do reviews almost at all for over a year. I recently have been feeling up to starting back again and I came back to something like 300 reviews and 100 lessons (give or take, I don’t remember exactly). I’ve been pacing myself, every couple days just going through 10, 20, 30 reviews or so. Once I got down to a more manageable number of reviews (after burning a bunch of study items!) I started chipping away at the new lessons too. And finally this past week I got it down to 0 for both.

I don’t usually bother posting here but I thought maybe it could help inspire other people who ended up taking an extended break and might be intimidated by a large pile of reviews that piled up. Admittedly I totally forgot a couple things in that time, but a lot of it still stuck with me, so jumping back in wasn’t too bad. Shoutout to the userscripts that let me jump straight to the review items I was ready to burn, to get the number down quickly!


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