I am back omg

After trecherous roads through mountains and valleys, I am back again!!!
My reviews are back down to zero. ZERO, my friends. :smiley:
Luckily I’m not one of those with horror stories with thousands of reviews piled up but at some points I did see up to aroun 700, which for me was rather daunting.
I had spent quite a while falling off the wagon and then getting back, often seemingly losing my progress since the reviews seemed to just regenerate in the blink of an eye.
After doing 300 the other day as well as keeping around at least fifty a day for the last few weeks, today I have managed to get the beast down on the ground, with zero reviews left. (Let’s ignore those 137 lessons sitting there for now. For my own sake…)
I got up from my desk and ran to the bookshelf looking for my kanji notebook where I used to write down all my lessons. I even had no idea where it was. After a bit, there it was, the red notebook… Turns out last time i did new lessons was back in may of 2021??
Anyway, I am happy to be back, maybe the new year does have something to help with your resolutions after all…


Well done.




And we are happy to see you back! Don’t skip your grammar tho, just a piece of advice :slight_smile:


Those genki textboks in the corner are indeed looking a bit dusty…


Same. Sure does feel good to be back to a manageable amount of reviews.

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