After getting a card wrong, it will reapear 2 cards later

FWIW, this happens to me too (getting a card a second time very shortly after getting it wrong)—but I find it super helpful. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Oh I thought that was how big the batch of lessons would be. Thanks for the info :)

The default is definitely five as I just changed it for the first time this session to 10 (thinking it was how many would appear in a batch of lessons xp)

Are you using Tsurukame? If not, check your lessons. I was using Tsurukame’s terminology which has a lesson batch size (which is what you said) and a review batch size (which is what we’re talking about).

WaniKani’s website only provides a setting for the former.

(In Tsurukame, as previously stated, both settings default to 5.)

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interesting! i’l try it. either way back to back does not mean you’ll be doing a wrong card immidietly after you’ve got it wrong, so I don’t get your point.

If the implementation sets the active queue size to one (like Tsurukame’s), you would.

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Yeah, I don’t really like this design in WK either. You just get it always right with your short term memory so it seems a bit like busy work.

In Anki I have the lapsed cards to come back after 20 min, but recently I actually changed it to one day, and it’s been working so far. Also nice not having to wait for that 20 min, since I want to only do Anki once a day.