I need some tips


I’ve just leveled up to 2 (w00t!), and got, like 50 new lesson. I’ve done some, should I tackle them ASAP or should I do it little by litle?
What did you guys do? :thinking:
(If post isn’t appropriate here, say please! I don’t want to cause trouble to anyone :frowning:)


I try to do the next level’s radicals first (I use a reorder script for that), then do the rest of the lessons in batches of 10-15 at certain times of the day (usually the morning and the evening) until I’ve done all the level’s lessons. It’s what works for me, but it did take me a while to find a good rhythm!


If you’re going for maximum speed, you need to do all the radicals immediately. Otherwise, I prefer to spread out lessons over a few days. Doing all lessons at once means getting all the reviews at once too.

In the early levels, I think you can get away with doing all the lessons at once, but later, I think it’s definitely beneficial to spread lessons out over a few days (usually 20-25 a day for me). Do a speed that’s comfortable for you!


Easy explanation: You should only do enough while you’re still able to memorize them efficiently. No need to burn yourself out for no reason. A level isn’t finished in just 1 day after all :slight_smile:

Hard explanation:

  • Please read the FAQ.
  • Please read the Guide.
  • Please read what I wrote here.
  • Please ask any further questions that you may have :slight_smile:

Obs: What I wrote in the 3rd point wasn’t meant for beginners, so it might be a little overwhelming. I do think there’s some good knowledge for you there.

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+1 to reading what @jprspereira wrote. It’s exactly what I did, starting from around level 28-29ish, and what I wished I had done from the beginning.


Wow. I read that, and makes total sense! I will try to adapt me or something like that.
Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:


If you consider that the level will take you ~1week if you do your radicals once they were unlocked, you have about 1 week to get to all the vocabs. So I use a script to pull the radicals to the front and make sure I get those done when I level up, and do about 10-20 vocab or kanji items each day until the radicals hit guru level. Then I make sure I get all my new kanji done quickly and go back to the vocabs at my leisure, etc.

Please ignore that I spent about 3months at level 6 kthx.


Heyyyy jpr, you did it again. XD


I wouldn’t recommend tackling all the new Kanji of a new level all at once, but I’d definitely recommend doing every radical as soon as it’s available. You’ve only got to remember the general concept of it. I’ve missed more kanji and vocabulary reviews than there are grains in a cup of rice, but I can probably count the number of times I’ve missed a radical review on my hands.


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Thanks to all of you guys, I think I finally found my pace. I’m using a reorder script (as mentioned by some) and am tackling in a very comfortable way. :slight_smile:
Maybe at higher levels I will need to work on it again, but for now it’s great.
Thanks again [ ^-^]d