Adding our own vocabulary

I’m doing some light reading and coming across new vocabulary. In many cases, the vocabulary uses kanji I already know but the word itself is new to me. Since vocab doesn’t affect the level-up progress anyways, I’d really like the ability to add these words.

I know I could find other ways to learn and remember these words but the WaniKani system works so well!

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Why not use Houhou

It’s got WK’s SRS intervals and you can add whatever you want.


This should solve your problem (just follow the steps) + If you know any basic stuff about wanikani, you can change the ‘sentence’ section to a mnemonic for the kanji if you want

I second this. Recently burned my first few kanji and vocab in Houhou. Mostly mahjong related.

If only Wanikani focused as much on mahjong as it does on baseball. :sweat_smile: 麻雀 and 雀荘 should be at level 1! Then 国士無双 on level 2-3.

Houhou looks great!

Unfortunately I am on a Mac and have just wasted the last hour trying to get it to work in Wine unsuccesfully.

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Any success with Yomichan or Anki?

For Anki simulating WaniKani experience, the settings would be

  • Type-in box {{type:Field}}
  • Steps in minutes: 1 10 240 480 1440 4320

To learn more about Anki+WaniKani, see, [Anki Deck Template] WK Anki, Crihak's Flavor

To create a vocabulary deck, I haven’t tried Yomichan, but I use simply
Vocab list (separated by ‘,’) generator -- add reading and meaning

And I can throw a spreadsheet into Anki.

To extract vocabularies from a paragraph/website, you might try (WWWJDIC Text glossing).

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Oh my God, Houhou is wonderful!

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