Add own vocab to wk

Hello, for a long time I am looking for a script that allows me to add my own vocab directly to wanikani. So far I didnt find anything.
It would be helpful if it also stored somewhere online so I can access it everywhere and with different devices. At the moment i am using houhou for it but i want to have this all in one app ( here ) to avoid using using too many different tools.

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Hum, why not use another SRS system like Kitsun or Anki? For Kitsun, it’s completely online so you can access it anywhere you want, while Anki does allow to sync between devices.


But it would be more convienient to have it in one system, and one design like here with the purple background and so on

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I completely agree with you, it would be so much better to have this flexibility rather than have to juggle between different apps/services.

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I don’t think anyone will ever make such a script. It’s requested frequently, but it would really be a lot of work, effectively creating a new service from scratch. Just use a general flashcard program.