Add Custom Vocab / Kanji 2023

WaniKani seems to be the only way I can learn vocab and really memorize it, and I am desperately in need of an add-on that allows me to input custom vocabulary that I learn outside of WK. This topic has been brought up a few times before, but the add-ons that are recommended all seem to be either mac-incompatible or abandoned and unusable.

Does anyone have any recommendations? pls!

I am also a frequent user of Tsurukame on mobile; I don’t know if there would be any complications with a custom vocab app interacting with Tsurukame, but if anyone has thoughts on that I’d also be interested.

Honestly I would say just use anki. Any add-on for WaniKani will eventually get outdated by changes to WaniKani, as you have already experienced.


Ask Tsurukame devs for feature request? (in its thread or in GitHub)

Maybe KameSame is already made for this.

How do you feel about something else, like Anki, Kitsun or KameSame?

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