Way to add our own vocab

Just wondering if anyone knows if there is any way we can add our own vocab to Wanikani, like stuff that we learn in Japanese that is not in Wanikani that we want to remember.

No, you’d have to look elsewhere, like Anki, to add your own items.


A common way is Yomichan. It seems that Takoboto is common here too. They add vocabularies to Anki.

Otherwise, kitsun.io has its own way, and is quite similar to Anki.

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Yeah. I’m aware of anki, but I’d like to do everything in one app.

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Thanks. i’d just like to do everything in Wankani. So wish there was a way to add my own vocab to it.

There’s this thread where @jhendrix13 is working on one method Adding custom vocabulary to WaniKani
And this thread where I’m working on this
[UserScript] Integrated Custom SRS (don’t try using the userscript, it’s broken)

Both of these are very much WIP. I’m expecting to have an initial version ready by end of this week, early next week, and then I need to get it through the extension platforms requirements.


That sounds amazing, I’ll follow those threads. Thanks.

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