Adding custom terms?

Has anyone made something for adding custom terms to the SRS? It seems like something that should be implemented into the core wanikani but it isn’t (maybe in a future update?)

Someone tried, but it’s now broken. Also I haven’t heard of any mobile apps / third party apps having the feature.

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not that I wanna disappoint, but that sounds like a big stretch for the product as it is: a intentionally curated list of items to be learnt in a specific order that they keep on polishing to make for a better and better learning experience.

There are other apps that allows people to add their own items in the end as well. But, for sure, if it existed, I’m sure I’d like to use it for times beyond lv 60 since I just don’t like Anki.


WaniKani is not designed for having arbitrary items. If you want arbitrary items you’ll have to use something else like Anki.

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Ok thanks for the replies yall, ig I’ll just have to do it myself. It’s not like I have a deadline or anything so I can probably just pick up extra vocab along the way.