Accepted Meanings are too limited


So, whenever 念願 appears in my reviews, I always answer heartfelt desire or heartfelt wish, and it marks that answer as wrong even thought the two accepted answers are earnest wish and heart’s desire. These pretty much mean the same thing in English, so I don’t understand why I have to memorize phrases in English that are so specific that I know I will always miss them each time it comes up for review.

Another one that drives me completely insane is 太平洋. I always write “the Pacific Ocean” and always get it wrong because the accepted answer is just “Pacific Ocean”. That makes no sense to me at all because that’s not what we say in English for nouns with proper names.

I’d really appreciate if someone could fix this because I’m tired of missing them every time despite knowing what they mean.


You can add user synonyms to solve that problem!


Ok I’ll try that! Thank you!

The staff will add new synonyms occasionally, but users can always find new ways to express the same concepts in English. So the user synonyms are really made for this purpose.

It’s just a good idea to double check that it’s a valid synonym. So you don’t end up adding “app” to 塗布 (application, in the sense of applying a liquid to a surface, not a program for your phone) or something like that.


Thanks to you both! I didn’t know Wanikani allowed users to insert their own synonyms for reviews. I’ll be using this a lot now.

I’ll be careful about what synonyms I use too. Thank you!


I completely overlooked that feature. Thank you!

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