Reading Material for different levels / progression

Has anyone some sort of list with reading material that is suitable for the different levels? Thanks in Advance

might be hard to find reading material for a level one…

do u have any prior japanese experience??

and as far as i know there is no list for reading material for different levels, making such a list would be extremely hard too.

maybe in a few levels you can consider this

Levels in WaniKani don’t necessarily correspond to reading comprehension. There have been plenty of users that join who have fantastic Japanese ability but want help with learning the rarer kanji they have trouble with. There are also quite a few level 60s with terrible reading ability - they know 2000+ kanji but don’t have the grammar to back it up so they can’t read much outside of very basic sentences. With that in mind any list, if one even exists, would have to rely on the users fulfilling very specific conditions.

My personal opinion, I don’t care whether or not something is close within my reading ability, if I’m really interested in something, I will read it regardless of how much difficulty it gives me. As long as something is not way beyond your reading comprehension, it should be very doable albeit with many struggles.

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As already stated, indeed WK level doesn’t mean much as for the kind on reading you’ll be able to understand (basic stories aimed for kids don’t rely much on you knowing kanji, as little kids don’t either, but they don’t holdback on grammar or vocab, so there’s that).

But after saying this there’s some progression to the reading you’ll be able to get as you progress in your studies.

A very recommended resource in the early stages of your learning curve are the Graded Readers aimed for japanese learners.

The most common series follow this structure on the grading system (related JLPT level, aprox. vocab count, character count in every story)


With this in mind you could try some stories on a graded readers series. Here are some free sample tales, for you to see what your apropiate level would be.

Now when know what kind of graded readers level your feel comfortable, then you could check some of the recommended native readings considering that level.

And if you feel there’re too few recommendations you can try EhonNavi or Pibo (links to nihongonobaka posts about this site/app).

Anyway, theres no excuse for not picking up a book!!


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