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Any new content we’ve added to WaniKani will be shared here! Maybe your suggested mnemonic even made the cut? New whitelisted or blacklisted words, updated mnemonics, meanings, etc will be posted here.

If you see any content that you think we should consider updating/adding/fixing, shoot us an email at hello@wanikani.com or suggest it in the Feedback category and tag one of the mods responsible for handling content customer support (@JenK, @RachelG, @arlo)


How do we suggest new mnemonics? I’ve been making a few and posting them in the wanikani thread (but people seem to be annoyed that I’m posting them there). Is there a better place to suggest mnemonics?

If you have mnemonics suggestions, send them to our inbox! hello@wanikani.com

Just note that we might not end up using it or it might take some time before we get to considering it.

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For your alternate mnemonics, we’re not annoyed. It’s better here where others can see than flooding mods’ email. However, we just thought it would be better in one post like you are doing now!

There’s actually a thread in Campfire you might be interested in: