Could it be possible to have comment threads for every item that you could see while studying?

I’m a fan of Magic: the Gathering, and I actually got this idea from Gatherer, the magic card database, which has a discussion section for every single card where people can chat about it. Here’s Serra Angel.

I was wondering, what if WaniKani had something like that? I think it would be super cool to allow people to comment on individual kanji/radicals/vocab, which other people could then (optionally) see when learning or reviewing that item. It would help with retention, it could let people vent about particularly hard-to-remember items, and it would be encouraging to see the thoughts of those who have gone before me, to see that I’m not alone on the path!

Plus, sometimes the provided mnemomic doesn’t work for me, I have trouble coming up with a good one of my own, and I’d love to see if anyone has something better. Or the opposite, I have an awesome idea for a mnemonic that I think other people learning the item might appreciate!


This does already exist:

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Thanks, that looks like a cool script. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work at all :cry:

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Huh, I installed it to see and doesn’t seem to change anything for me either :thinking: :thinking: I thought that maybe there aren’t added mnemonics for every item but I looked at ちょうせん, the example used in the script’s thread, and nothing shows up for that either …


Yeah, the Community Mnemonics Script doesn’t seem to work.

This is something I truly wish we had, too. The OP’s idea is pretty good, but there’s the risk that the threads would derail somewhat fast without constant moderation, and can you really moderate 10 thousand items?

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Although, apparently, people still used it in 2018.

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