A script for showing parts of speech during reviews?

I’m looking for a script that maybe puts like a little “noun” or “なadjective” or whathaveyou in the corner when a vocabulary word comes up for review.

Of course it’s pretty easy to tell what’s a verb based on ending, but so often I’ll see a word and know the general feeling of it but end up failing because I typed the noun version rather than adjective or vise-versa.

I feel like it would also help me to remember how to use the vocabulary word in-context without having to make a separate Anki deck for sorting parts of speech…

I know nothing about scripts so if there’s anyone smarter than me with tech stuff (which, is a very low-set bar, to be fair; I’m pretty tech illiterate…) please let mw know if there’s a script for that sort of thing!


That sounds interesting and useful.

If something similar doesn’t exist already, I’d be willing to take a stab at it (the API exposes “parts of speech” for vocabulary so it shouldn’t be too difficult).

I’ll give it a few days in case someone is able to turn something up, but I don’t see anything on the curated list. (Or should that be @Kumirei -ted?)

If I end up writing this, I’ll probably only display the info after hitting a keystroke (perhaps ‘opt-h’ or something for “hint”) rather than displaying it all the time. I could be persuaded to make it an option to always display or not.


I thought the item inspector script did something like that but I don’t use it myself so don’t know.

With great power comes … a long list of unfinished projects. :wink:


The item inspector is a dashboard script (an awesome one at that). I think the OP is looking for something on the review pages.

Busted. :slight_smile:

My biggest scripting backlog right now is with caching reviews and I’m tired of fighting with my toolchain to get all my typescript/testing/mocking stuff playing nicely in a node environment.

A nice simple “toaster” script sounds like a welcome palate cleanser.