A possible use of the Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown

This is a question about the Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown script. It displays the breakdown of Apprentice and Guru items into the specific stages. It is fun to watch waves of items learned in the same lesson sessions move from Apprentice 1 to Apprentice 4. From time to time I encounter a configuration such as this one:

Level breakdown

There is a large cluster of items in Apprentice 4. Most of these items will generate only one review each and go through Guru (barring failure in review). I wonder. In this configuration it should be possible to do some lessons regardless of how high the Apprentice count is. This would be useful to people with large lessons backlog. They can do lessons early compared to waiting for the Apprentice count to decrease. Their backlog would decrease a little faster.

Is this a good idea? I don’t have a lessons backlog so I can’t try it myself.

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The real question is how you only have 14 leaches total there.


What? This isn’t a normal number? What would be normal for a level 7 user who has not yet seen leeches from failed Master and Enlightened reviews because no item is old enough to have reached these reviews?

Oh my man I have no idea, I was just pulling your chain.

I currently have 155 leeches in 239 apprentice… so… you’re probably good lol.

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It sounds like a good strategy, keep testing it and let us know =]

That’s how I used the script. :slight_smile:

Eventually I had the rule that my Apprentice count should be ~100 when I zero’d my reviews at the end of the day. With the Timeline script, I’d double-check how many of those App IV items would Guru that day, as opposed to the next day. Then I knew it was fine to exceed my preferred Apprentice count by that much without review numbers bloating too much.

Thanks for letting me know. I will use this strategy.

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