Are those numbers "normal"?

Yes i use the leech trainer addon and SRS level breakdown, I’m curious to know if anyone in the community finds my numbers odd, ratio of leeches, or ratio of items at the different ranks.

In short, does it look like i’m doing something wrong?

EDIT Also adding my progression graph:

Everything looks hunky dory to me

The number of leeches is probably slightly high for your level, but it’s really up to you to determine if they’re bogging you down. For reference, I have around 200 leeches and I’m currently level 48 (and that feels like way too much for me).

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You think i should just pause on lessons for a couple weeks and drill things down for a bit?

As I said, that depends on you. If you think you’re spending too much time reviewing the same content and it’s just going up and down, then focusing on those could be useful (regardless of whether you pause lessons to do that).

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