Is it good time to stop for leech?

I decided to stop doing lesson because i think i want to clear some of my leeches which i found out that i have 235 leeches lurking in reviews thanks to the flaming durtle app. My apprentice count is 76. Is this good decision or not. Tell me what you think.

Maybe have a look at where your leeches are in the SRS. With you can see your lowest level item in each SRS category. If for example you still have level 10 vocab in Apprentice, that is a n item you need to worry about. But if your apprenctice is mostly items from the last 2 levels, and guru is mostly items from the last 5 levels, I don’t think you need to pause now. If your leeches are in mostly in Master, it will take up to a month before you see them again.

Have you seen a spike in reviews lately? Is your accuracy dropping? That might also be a sign of a lot of leech reviews. In that case, maybe it would be nice to take a week or so off lessons and leveling, and just shrink that guru pile. If you have few leeches in apprentice, it should take about 3 or 4 days to get that down to 0. After that you only have silly typos, or leeches in apprentice.

Not sure if this response is really helpful :sweat_smile:


I have 61 item in the first 10 levels that aren’t master or enlightment (guru or lower) from wanistat.

So those wil come back within the next 2 weeks. That is a small part of your leeches number, but of course the ones in Master and Enlightened could also be cycling back in that time frame. I usually just pause to do only reviews when I feel like I’m getting too many per day, and when I notice that some old items are in apprentice. Then I usually try to get close to 0 apprentice before moving on again, adding lessons at my usual pace, so I don’t suddenly spike in reviews again.


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