First Leech Safari

Just wrapped up level 8, and after a bout with my own lack of self-restraint (and consequently flooding myself by doing all my lessons when I should have been more moderate) I’m holding off on diving into Level 9 until I get my “apprentice” numbers way down, hopefully with the Guru to Apprentice churn going down as well. Anyone ever have to pause at a new level like this to slay leeches before, and how did it go? Anything work particularly well for you?

slow down by doing a controlled amount of lessons, instead of all available lessons. either a fixed number of lessons, or no lessons unless your apprentice items are beneath a certain threshold.

if you get more reviews than you can handle in a day, install a reorder script, and order your reviews by SRS level. it really won’t make much difference if you do your higher-level items a day or two later. but you really want to repeat your apprentice items on time.

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Yep. Before 8, when I let it get away from me, I was allowing myself to do lessons when apprentice was below 100. Which I think is the number I’m after at this point. That worked pretty well, and was a manageable amount of daily reviews. I don’t sweat the higher SRS levels because by then I SHOULD have learned them.

Good idea on the apprentice ones if it gets out of hand at any point again, those ones are definitely the ones that absolutely have to be prioritized.

I’m debating letting it get down to 50 before I let myself into level 9 lessons, and doing a max of 3 per hour to get back to 100. But I think the 50 target is probably excessive.

I try to do that every five levels. To start “fresh” with the next five

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So what i ended up doing was only letting myself do the radicals from 9 as apprentice dipped below 100 items. Now I’m at 74 including those, I may just make my goal of 50 before diving in after all. The waiting for new reviews is driving me nuts, but I’m using it anyway to focus on missed item practice. So far so good, looking forward to that 100 item progress again.