A new year! How's it looking?

Happy New Years everyone!

A new year, a brand new clean heat map!

No joke, seeing this added to my excitement to do more reviews, if I keep at this pace, 60 is in sight!
My question is, how is this new year lookin’ for my WK comrades for progress? Anyone gonna start the year with a new milestone?

(PS ty @Kumirei for the awesome script, it’s been really useful)

(PSS yes I have nothing better to do on New Years day than reviews :sweat_smile:)


Hey man, that’s some great sustained progress! Looks like 60 is a near certainty this year. I have only been doing this for a few months but I hope I can continue like you have.

I am going to have a goal this year too; to get to least level 40 before August which is when I start working full time. At my current pace I think it should not be a problem. After 40 I plan to dial down WK heavily to no more than 45 minutes a day and spend a lot more time on reading.

All the best for your goals.


Huh, it’s interesting, I’ve just donwloaded it too.Here is my achiemnets :wink:

Maybe not as good as yours, but still pretty good,I guess.I hope I will be able to read in the summer, because honestly speaking, 1-2 hours of japanese studying a day is very time-consuming.


Pretty steady going! Looking forward to burning my first items in January :grinning: and hopefully keeping the same pace this year.


Here’s mine! I started in April and got to level 22, although I slacked off a bit towards the end when real life got busy :sweat_smile:

My goal for 2020 is to reach level 60 on WK and to get better at listening and speaking. I also want to pass a JLPT (maybe N3!).


I can’t wait for that big empty white/yellow space to be filled with colors :durtle_love:


It’s looking like a fresh start. I haven’t been practicing at all lately. So I decided to man up, reset and get a lifetime membership.


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