A huge thank you to script maintainers <3

Obviously this was a huge wanikani change, and I’ve been so impressed at how quickly people got patches, work arounds etc up and running. I know script maintenance is hard when big changes like this happen.

In my workflow alone, I wanted to give thanks to
@artemigos for the dark breeze style update
@Kumirei for the reorder omega update (seriously this one must have been a huge update)
@thastegartivelis for the double check work around

I’m sure other people have other users that have fixed their workflow as well. So thanks to this amazing community <3


No matter what, this is a community that really comes through. I completely agree with how quickly script-writers have responded, even with their own lives surely having plenty of stuff in them already. I’m just hugely thankful for anyone that has given me scripts I’ve used over these past years and for those that are willing to continue to do so! ^>^


Let’s do the name-dropping! @Kumirei @prouleau @rfindley @Sinyaven @rosshendry and @acm2010 You’ve made my first WK journey a true joy and I’m glad to see many of your scripts still being part of my second run-through. They’re mostly on the Dashboard I guess. XD

I notice that I’m already relying more on the Item Inspector @prouleau since it gets me that “last failed” tableau I like to check over after a review session. :slight_smile:


Dropping three more names: thanks to @rogerxiii who created a new version of the Jitai and @Harald1 for working on the Katakana script. Those two definitely help me with some of the more arbitrary reading stuff. Also @seanblue who even created a poll to optimize the Lesson Filter according to our wishes.