A Harta-ful of Manga: Let's Read a Magazine Together ❣

Do you know how many volumes/chapters we’d need to read before Harta 75 to catch up on those series? ハクメイとミコチ looks like exactly my jam, haha, so I’m considering treating it the same way as Dungeon Meshi and catching up on both before I leap into volume 75 of Harta… 峠鬼 also looks interesting.


ハクメイとミコチ is probably currently the longest-running Harta series? Harta 75 has chapter 74 it looks like, which appears to be the first chapter in volume 10, so volumes 1-9 would be what it would take to catch up. It’s definitely not critical to do so in the same way it is for Dungeon Meshi though - it’s worth it to get to know the many and varied side characters, but it’s predominantly slice of life through and through with no direct plotline.
For 峠鬼, it looks like Harta 75 has chapter 12, and that’s the first chapter of volume 4, so it appears volumes 1-3 would be required to catch up. And that’s one series that is definitely best to be caught up to speed to understand what’s going on.


Harta day again already!

ハルタ 113号


Welp, I got covid for the first time ever and it seriously kicked (and continues to kick) my butt. At least I’m finally well enough to read again! So without further ado …

Issue #82


ふくふく万福帳 by 伊藤 有生 (いと ゆせい)

Ooh, this is exciting! I read and really enjoyed the yomikiri, now it’s getting turned into a series! Curious to see what happens. Guessing the title means something along the lines of “diary/notebook of ten thousand happinesses” …

I tried to look for a collected volume of this, but I don’t think it exists …

あかねさす柘榴の都 by 福浪 優子 (ふくなみ ゆこ)

The handwritten editorial comment at the beginning of this one tried to throw me for a loop, but I just copied the scribbles as exactly as I could and my dictionary could handle it! Go takoboto go!

Curious to see how this one progresses … the art is totally gorgeous. Makes me wonder about the mangaka’s connection to Andalusia.

ガラスの瞳で覗かせて by 井上 きぬ (いのうえ きぬ)

Hmm, creepy … Terrifying. Hilariously terrifying.


★ききみみ図鑑 by 宮田 紘次 (みやた こうじ)★

So this is a sad story. This is a brilliant mangaka who died too young and they’re reprinting some of their stories in this and the next two issues. Just read a couple pages and it’s already so good.

Finished, (although, only skimmed the two pages at the end talking about the mangaka). Super good. I’m not sure if next issue will continue the same story, or be another short story related to music.


節食のすゝめ by 牧野 康平 (まきの こうへい)

Title is probably a reference to 学問のすゝめ?

I originally thought from the title page image that it was going to be more about the joy of eating? It was kinda cute but … not super impactful.

タナトローム by 犬島 ななこ (いぬしま ななこ)

My thought process on this one:

Okay, it’s gonna take a minute to get through this news broadcast infodump in the first two pages.

“Great invention makes euthanasia fun”. Okay. Let’s do this.

Nope. I take it back. Let’s not do this.

★魔王 by 野町 達也 (のまち たつや)★

Huh. I feel like I don’t totally get it, but I also loved it. Great art, great characters, fun shenanigans … Not sure why it had to end the way it did, but that’s okay.

I wonder if this mangaka goes on to do anything else? Couldn’t find anything with a quick amazon search, but they could have changed pen names, or I could have typo’d it, etc etc.

★しろくて、ふわふわ by 小林 愛 (こばやし あい)★

Super cute. An encounter with a surly stuffed animal artist helps a meek office worker learn to be more assertive!

どうして歌ってくれないの? by よしかわ さとこ

I got covid in the middle of this story, which I’m sure detracted from my reading experience. I feel kind of bad that I lost faith in this story somewhere in there. It’s actually very cute in the end! Maybe there was a slight pacing issue, but it’s impossible to tell if that pacing issue was in the story or in my real life when I had no brainpower (or other power for that matter) for a whole week.

裸足のマジカルホームタウン by 木原 悠里子 (きはら ゆりこ)

Huh! I didn’t expect or really want to like this story. I don’t love it when stories open with a bullying scene, so that put me off, but I forged ahead because I wanted to get through this issue once and for all. And even though I also don’t love cult stories, this one kinda really grew on me, and in the end I really liked it.


★仏さまが見てる by 松本 水星 (まつもと すいせい)★

Wow, I … have no idea what that was, but it definitely makes me want to know more about this mangaka! The title page plugged their series 燕のはさみ, so I will probably buy volume one at least …

If anyone can explain the last two panels to me, please do. Particularly the significance of the sign? I don’t know if it’s just the brain fog or what, but I feel like I missed the punch line somehow.


生き残った6人によると by 山本和音 (やまもとかずね)

Lol, this story is so weird. If it were any less stylized I definitely wouldn’t be able to read it, and even though it is stylized sometimes it makes me feel a little nauseous but I also kind of really like it??? So weird.

★夜の名前を呼んで by 三星たま★

The physical volume arrived just in time for me to read this last chapter on paper. Feels strange to have had the book in my hands less than an hour before I put it on the “finished” shelf, though!

I believe I originally was going to come back and write some thoughts on this story as metaphor for depression, but then I got sick and now I no longer have thoughts. :sweat_smile: So I’ll just say: it’s cute!

クプルムの花嫁 by namo

I can’t really remember this chapter too well right now, unfortunately, and I didn’t write much of anything about it when I first read it. Oh well.

先生、今日どうですか by 高江洲 弥 (たかえすやや)

This series is (also) so weird. But this was kind of a cute chapter.

ことり文書 by 天野 実樹 (あまの みき)


ホテルメッツァペウラへようこそ by 福田星良 (ふくたせいら)

Huh. Jun’s backstory was a bit different from how I expected … (He just got the tattoos to emulate his mentor…??) … and this chapter was a lot more violent than I expected … (I get that they’re men’s men or whatever but hitting someone in the head because you’re worried about them when they just woke up from being knocked out cold? Seems like it goes a bit far…)

アビスアジュールの罪人 by 冨 明仁 (とみ あきひと)

Hmm … Main thoughts, TBH, it’s a good thing for this mangaka that emaciation doesn’t affect boobs! Sarcasm aside … My favorite part was the mer-child playing with the giant sea creature at the beginning.


THERE’S A READER FEEDBACK SECTION??? I’m definitely going to start reading that.


Sorry about the covid!! Glad you’re doing okay under the circumstances!

Sadly, yeah, that one is the only (not announced to be specifically short term) series that I can remember from reading Harta that ends after around the length of a volume but never ends up getting collected for whatever reason, which always seemed like a sad outcome to me.

I think they’ve done a few more shorts for Harta since then but that’s it - one of the first authors I remember happily recognizing from an earlier story I particularly enjoyed! I’d certainly welcome if more work from them materialized in the future.

I think the sign is saying like roughly, “wrap it up! There’s another gig (that we should get going to)” and it’s the nun from before, showing that now she’s become his manager, putting another modernized twist on the monk/demon the story’s playing with.
And the last panel is a religious sentiment (like “God/The Buddha is watching over you/me/us”) that I think works in context as the closing line since it also alludes to how the Buddhist nun watching over him is what presumably has led to a successful pop music career.

Looking over at it, personally I interpret it more as like – he wound up on the wrong side of the law / in yakuza circles because he looked up to his mentor and wanted to be like him. And his tattoos being so extensive now is probably a sign of how far he ended up going down that road at some point (since they’re yakuza tattoos and you get them done over time).
So like, yes but with a step in between. :slight_smile:

Yep! It’s the first of the text portions in the back. The マンガの語り場. Along with reader responses to a previous issue, there’s answers to an unrelated little questionnaire from the reader survey. (When I’ve looked at them) they’re generally brief and innocuously positive (rather than like a full letter column) but they’re definitely fun to look at sometimes and imagine the other readers out there!


Harta 78

Wow, 久しぶり!Glad to be back on!! Due to a combination of Mokuro being uncooperative and my own laziness/focus on other projects, it took me longer than expected to get back on. Not wanting to belabor it, I gave more surface level reactions to get my going so I would stop procrastinating.

Oh Oh Oh Oh, Also I’ve been reading Dungeon Meshi, so hopefully I’ll be caught up on that one soon, and can keep reading it via the magazines!!


Full Disclosure, my display was weird, so I was so confused because the table of contents told me the first manga was Horus, and all of the sudden its a mermaid manga and my brain is just thinking, ‘What the hell happened to this Egyptian manga?!?!’, but then I looked back and realized my mistake lol.

Sinner in Seabed: Ummm holy shit this is a feast for the eyes!!

And so many more! Visually stunning, a bit of a teaser chapter, going for spectacle for now. That said, I’m super okay with that!!!

Call the name of the night: Very cute, seems very very very Harta, I remember chapter 1 having some darker elements. Will this continue to be a ball of fluff? Only one way to find out!!

Hotel: I remember reading about this from the current write up, a couple of people seemed really hype about it, and now I can see why! Its a very smooth read, and has a bit of lightheartedness, but a taste of mystery as well. Finland is also such a rare setting, excited to keep exploring more!

Sensei: Yep I definitely think I’m getting less okay with the premise, shame the art is so damn good though!!

Napkin: What the fuck did I just read?!?

Teito: Yeah, just lost all interest honestly. I was looking forward to it with the setting but I’m kind of out now…

Six Survivors: Oooohhhh, the plot thickens!!


Coppersmith: One of the more educational chapters I think, most of it went over my head I’ll be honest. But the couple couple moments at the end made it worth it!

Smoke and Honey: Is this the first chapter in the school? If so, I hope it keeps up!

Bino: Well… that was… really fucking creepy…

Far-East: Plot picked up for a bit but I’m not sure about how this series will continue. Last chapter was really hype, will it go back to more relaxed stories or make it a bit more interesting??

Obligatory Migi to Dali weird-ass image:

Mountain God: I had already read this in English by mistake. Still really good!

I’ll go through and catch up on reactions and such tomorrow, sorry again for the delay!!


Yeah, agreed. :confused: Poor 豆福!

Ah!, thanks, that helps!

That makes sense. I think the references to his past were so dark before (eg he has a head wound, but is only worried about the wine bottles that got broken), that I just didn’t expect him to have had anyone supportive in his life. So then I got confused when this memory seemed kind of positive (aside from the whole murder thing).

Ah, same! It’s a shame cause I love the art and the setting.

:joy: I love how Harta is like :sparkles: omg, adorable, so cute … … … omg SO DARK terrifying creepy! … … … :sparkles: also adorable! and pretty! :sparkles:

:see_no_evil: :face_with_peeking_eye: :see_no_evil:


Harta stuff goes on sale enough on Bookwalker (considering Kadokawa owns both and all) that probably I don’t need to mention it here every time? But there’s a pretty juicy discount+coin combo at the moment.


I appreciate the nudges, it saves a lot of money to time purchases to these mega sales

I updated the spreadsheet column J with the number of volumes preceding Harta #75 to catch up on for some interesting continuing series for anyone looking for that.


Kadokawa’s discounting stuff still, so there’s another set of discounted Harta manga. For those starting or planning to start with the magazine at 75, I think the relevant ones are:
碧いホルスの瞳 -男装の女王の物語-
and maybe (I forget):
also most of ライカの星 is in 75-77 or so, and in the Harta Alta one-shot, but there’s some stuff exclusive to the standalone edition too, and I was glad to have it.


The year trundles along, doesn’t it! Here’s another new Harta!

ハルタ 114号

Also, a few notes for the first volumes from a concluded Harta series, and a series that moved to 青騎士, respectively, why not.
ヒナまつり (1)
乙嫁語り (1)


Issue #83

Issue summaries are more fun with pictures, so starting now I’m going to add a bunch of screenshots! I tried not to post anything ultra-spoilery, but wanted to warn you all just in case.

Oh man, it’s almost June and I’ve only read eight nine issues! That is a faster pace than they are coming out at least though, so I’ll call it good. :slight_smile:


虎は龍をまだ食べない。 by 一七八 ハチ (いなば はち)

Meh. The dragon boy is cute …

But other than that … There were a couple things that made me want to hard-pass.

★涙子さまの言う通り by 山本 ルンルン★


Oh. Wow. Okay. Um. Wow.

That was unexpectedly creepy and disturbing particularly given how sort of comic-y and cute the drawing style is? And also a surprisingly quick read for how long it is. And I’m also surprisingly into it given how much I’m usually not into really violent things. Expectations broken on every spectrum. :joy:


★管理二課の一日 by 宇野山 むじ (うのやま)★

Whaaaat …?? Tempted to reread right away. Did she make the apartment different for him? Was that a coincidence? Did he get transferred to the ghost division because they realized something about him when he said what he said in the meeting? What?

I really liked this one. (And I really like his new boss.)

★ヤギとぎょしゃ座と流星と by 大家ちひろ★

The connection between the two stories felt pretty loose, and it made me antsy to be constantly going back and forth between them. But I did really like both of them and the art style. So I might go back someday and read it again (knowing what’s coming will probably make me less antsy.) Maybe we’ll see more from this artist in the future! * fingers crossed *


クプルムの花嫁 by namo

Skip for now because … I ordered the physical volumes!!! I’m just pretty confident that I will enjoy this one at least twice as much if I’m reading it on paper. It’s a little inconvenient that the medium affects my enjoyment so much, but oh well. I’m still happy to have digital copies of Harta because 1) it would take up SO MUCH SPACE if they were all physical and 2) it would have cost me hundreds of dollars more probably. Also, for learning purposes, having the option to zoom way in is extremely helpful. (That said, once I get through the digital copies I got for super cheap, I do hope to switch to physical magazines. I’ll cross that storage hurdle once I get to it.)

On the other hand, I do love when I get to a full two-page illustration reading digital, it is so much nicer not to have it bifurcated. Augh! How will I ever choose!?

先生、今日どうですか by 高江洲 弥 (たかえすやや)

I liked this chapter a lot! I loved the knitting plotline, and I like the neighbor who gets really uncomfortable around Murasaki and Sensei, because I relate to that lol, but also just enjoy that character.

Adding this last screenshot largely because of what she’s standing on … in the 気になってる人は男じゃなかった book club someone noticed a character standing on a piece of newspaper in order to check her outfit + shoes in the mirror …

あかねさす柘榴の都 by 福浪 優子 (ふくなみ ゆこ)

Interesting… The mangaka is using a technique I like, where they just drop you into a situation without explaining it. It’s confusing, but interesting! Very nice art, though I feel like it’s noticeable that this mangaka is probably not super experienced yet. Anyway, really enjoying Spain through the perspective of a Japanese main character with Spanish heritage (but who seems not to be super familiar with Spanish culture).


★夜の名前を呼んで by 三星たま (みつぼしたま)★

Great chapter.

★ふくふく万福帳 by 伊藤 有生 (いと ゆせい)★

Aw, I loved this chapter! I really love the main character. And the character design of the little happiness gods.


I’m sad this series never got collected into a volume, but on the other hand, super happy that I am reading Harta and getting to enjoy manga that I definitely never would have had access to before!

Also, here, have some kitties.


アビスアジュールの罪人 by 冨 明仁 (とみ あきひと)

This was a pretty fun chapter. I think action sequences suit this artist’s style. And I like the little world-building touches around mermaids, like that they have a good sense of smell (because you can’t see anything in the deep sea) and bioluminescent hair (so cool).

ガラスの瞳で覗かせて by 井上 きぬ (いのうえ きぬ)

Once I got into it, it was a pretty quick read. Weird. Cute.

… but when do I get to read 生き残った6人によると?

★ホテルメッツァペウラへようこそ by 福田星良 (ふくたせいら)★

Probably my favorite chapter so far; I adore the “tough guys paired with adorable children” trope, so Jun and these little girls (in their adorable viking-esque get-up!) was pure joy.

生き残った6人によると by 山本和音 (やまもとかずね)

Not bad. It doesn’t feel like a ton happened this chapter. I feel like maybe I’m addicted to the art style somehow. :thinking:

ことり文書 by 天野 実樹 (あまの みき)

Short but, Super cute! I love this series.


★ききみみ図鑑 by 宮田 紘次 (みやた こうじ)★


So good! Love that feeling when a story starts out not making sense at all, then resolves into making perfect sense by the end. Also, the editorial note at the end was perfect, because it prompted me to google around and I found this video:


This one is also really cool: https://youtu.be/jfVxtCLkV4c?si=I5NVI5IDeqYqNlV5


Issue #84

新連載 / Series Debuts

司書正 by 丸山 薫 (まるやま かおる)

Creepy! And cute! And also beautiful. The Harta sweet spot. :blush:

シャッター街のさくら姫 by 宮本 怜美 (みやもと れいみ)

Not as strong a start as I was expecting … But I feel like this one has a lot of potential.

Also, I could seriously relate to this:

読切 / Shorts

the first one, don't remember what it's called

Wow, 80 pages! My first instinct on flipping through the first couple pages was “I don’t want to read this”, so I decided to check @rodan’s review and I am SO GLAD THAT I DID. I would have been fairly sad if I’d read the first few (wordy) pages before realizing how uncomfortable the art was going to be, and extremely sad if I had pushed past it thinking “but it’s Harta, it will still be good!” before getting to the extremely weird porny parts. (I started to flip through it, until the weird porny parts made me so uncomfortable that I decide to hard-skip it.)

Thank you @rodan!

多面体の僕ら by 久方 標 (ひさかた しるべ)

It was okay. I liked the point that the mangaka was making, but I almost definitely wouldn’t have finished reading it if it had been any longer than it was.

四十九日のお終いに by 田沼 朝 (たぬま あさ)

I feel like I understood around 75 percent. It was good. Understated, quiet, interesting. I think this is the one Rodan really likes? And I think I can see why. :blush:

I really like the art style too.

バスジャック二度としない by 西田 心 (にしだ こころ)

Cute. I’m not sure I understood what the boy said about her that was so bad though.

夜灯行路 by 松崎 まどか (まつざき まどか)

Paged through, but didn’t really read.


有意義な時間 by 野町 達也 (のまち たつや)

cute. Happy to see this mangaka back! Assuming it is who I think it is.

連載 / Continuing Series

涙子さまの言う通り by 山本 ルンルン

Auuugh!!! Really enjoying this one. Except that the torture and implied murder of animals caught me off guard and was very horrible. It definitely upset me way more than that girl getting murdered at the beginning. :sweat_smile: But other than that haha. I like our main detective a lot. I feel like he would also be more horrified by Namidako murdering animals than by her murdering humans.

生き残った6人によると by 山本和音 (やまもとかずね)


This mangaka is really good at fun action sequences. I’m less clear on what’s going on with the story. I mean, I’m following it fine, it’s just not clear to me what kind of story they are trying to write. It seems a bit … unfocused, I guess. Still fun though.

クプルムの花嫁 by namo

Easier chapter than the last one. (Seems like the tourist infotainment-y ones are the hardest.) Also, super cute.

ふくふく万福帳 by 伊藤 有生 (いと ゆせい)

Cute. Love the reversal here … since he’s earned a reward, his reward is to not be unlucky for once so that he can achieve his goal. :sweat_smile:

ホテルメッツァペウラへようこそ by 福田星良 (ふくたせいら)

I like Fabi a lot.

あかねさす柘榴の都 by 福浪 優子 (ふくなみ ゆこ)

Good chapter! Cute and good feels.

アビスアジュールの罪人 by 冨 明仁 (とみ あきひと)

This was a cute one.

先生、今日どうですか by 高江洲 弥 (たかえすやや)

meh. It’s a little sad, if the main character was just a little bit older, like say she was a 20-year-old managing the property for her parents, I feel like I could be so into this one.

夜の名前を呼んで by 三星たま (みつぼしたま)

(I love all the little details, like this door.)

Having fever dreams when you’re a sorcerer is dangerous!

ことり文書 by 天野 実樹 (あまの みき)

This dog is my new favorite character. :joy:

最終回 / Last Chapters!

ガラスの瞳で覗かせて by 井上 きぬ (いのうえ きぬ)

Cute! I started out completely weirded out, but now find the doll/human relationships totally cute.

At the end they said if you want to see it continue then send a letter. Maybe someday I’ll be reading in real time and can actually send a letter if I want to see a particular story continue!

Looks like 井上 きぬ has a two-volume manga series out, but I think it was published in Harta before issue 75, not after.

ききみみ図鑑 by 宮田 紘次 (みやた こうじ)

Definitely my least favorite of the three. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t my favorite.

Wait, there’s more!

Aaaah—almost missed the contest winners!

They add up to another 140 pages of yomikiri. It does feel slightly overwhelming to think I’m ready to move on to the next issue only to discover I have another 6 yomikiri to go. And they look good too, I don’t want to skip them! This makes me look forward to the time when I have to wait between issues and have at least a month to read every little thing before the next issue. Right now I’m reading in a very goal-oriented way, which keeps me moving forward and is great for studying, improving, and catching up, but I’m looking forward to the more leisurely just-for-fun approach which I know is in my future. :slight_smile:

Okay, so, read about the contest/contest winners. Seems like in a way they’re getting us ready for the change of format that’s about to happen in the next issue. It also seems like there will be seven new series starting (contest winners). (“Contest” makes it sound like the entries are from a bunch of amateurs, but I don’t think that’s the case. Not sure what else to call it though.)

So, 13 contest winners total, 6 are yomikiri printed in this issue, 7 are new series starting next issue.

傘に関する考察 by 古田 青葉

Super cute.

あいつの螺子はゆるんでいる by 寿薙 ひさなぎ えりき

Ultra cute. Loved it.


I loved this one! I hope we see this mangaka again!


Haha, you’re very welcome. I’m glad someone’s safely gotten past that series turning up, since I’ve had in the back of my mind a little “uh oh getting a bunch of people to be interested in reading Harta back issues also technically means I’ll be showing that one series to a bunch of strangers huh…” type worry since this thread started forming. Definitely my least favorite Harta thing I’ve read so far, and such a weird outlier stylistically. I think I did eventually buy the first collected volume on sale to someday see if it makes more sense to me why it’s like that reading carefully and from the start but… I doubt it.

四十九日のお終いに by 田沼 朝 (たぬま あさ)

I feel like I understood around 75 percent. It was good. Understated, quiet, interesting. I think this is the one Rodan really likes? And I think I can see why. :blush:

Oh, huh! That’s the author I really like, but I actually never realized that particular short was in the Harta issues I read. :sweat_smile: It must not have registered to me at the time. It’s a later short from Tanuma (and the one after that) that puts her on my radar.
I think this one even when I read it (or reread it, apparently) in collected form I felt like I needed to sit with it and work to understand it a bit more, so maybe years ago when still not necessarily 100% used to reading Harta I had enough trouble with it to not engage with it much. I got the impression last I looked back at my notes from the time too I was actively trying to catch up to the latest issues around this time.

八咫烏杯 contest winners

Yeah honestly, as time went on I tended to end up egregiously skimming the Yatagarasu Hai winners more often than not, especially if it came at the end of a day of reading through the whole magazine in a big chunk. I think they’re probably not edited to be paced for a magazine as much as full-on shorts, and they’re also posted free on Harta’s website so it’s at least not missing out on magazine-specific content if skipped/skimmed… but they do deserve attention so I always feel a little guilty doing that.

I don’t think this is quite right - the 7 that aren’t in this issue are also shorts. The 次号以降掲載予定 is just trying to say that those ones will each be published in some following issue and not this one. :slight_smile: Looks like they end split between 85 and 86.

About whether the contest winners are amateurs or not, in my head at some point I’d gotten to assuming not having professionally debuted was part of the contest rules but nope, I was wrong:


So you’re right, it is indeed a mix.

It’s interesting that the first Yatagarasu Hai results show up almost at the same time as the new cover illustration style by Katsu Somehira! I definitely associate both very strongly with Harta going forward.


Not quite as punctual as I had been for a bit, but I’ve got notes on June’s Harta:

ハルタ 115号

As well as on two anime adaptations of Harta manga:

July is one of the two off months, so I guess I spent part of it early!