700 reviews!

i think it’s the most i did in one session


That’s insane!!!

But kudos to you for still having a 79% accuracy rate and not losing focus with so many!!!

I wonder if you would’ve broken it up a bit (7 sets of 100 or 10 sets of 70) if your overall accuracy would be higher, though.

Did you really not take any breaks??? O.o

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:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:
The most I’ve done in one sitting is 476 a few days ago.

haha thanks
i was going crazy in the end there, smashing the enter button whenever i got something wrong ;D

if i’d broken it up it’d probably have taken me a few more days to get it over with, because i finally found the motivation to get through them, and if i had taken lots of breaks then I would have probably run out of motivation.

You think so? Hmmm…

Well Congratulations! How is your apprentice pile sitting to give you so many, I wonder?

476 is still a lot, i hate that i get to do that much in one sitting quite often. go out after school one night and then you wake up the next day to 400 reviews ;(

right now it’s quite small actually, i think it was around 50 before i cleared the reviews, now it’s 138.
so many piled up because i kinda left wk for ~2 weeks with uni and stuff.

2 weeks isn’t too bad… Although now that review pile makes sense!!

Keep at it this time. You can do it!

haha i know. i left wk for ~half a year once and came back to 1500+ reviews and 260 lessons… now that was hell to go through.
good luck to you too!!

I hope you didn’t do 1500 reviews in one sitting

oh god forbid no, i’d be writing from an asylum if i did that
it took me much more, cuz i was clearing like 500 and then not doing anything for a week, so it was piling back up. overall it took me around 2 weeks to fully get back i think?

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@KanjiNovice I too left for about 6 months once… Thankfully my review pile coming back was under a thousand… But only just.

I did not do them in one sitting.

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