What is your biggest review session?

I just did my biggest review session. Unfortunately, life got really busy for me these past few weeks and my reviews piled up to 1000+.

972 reviews in one single session.

It was a fun 3 hour adventure. Probably won’t do it again. :sweat_smile:


The bigger the review session, the more satisfied you are afterwards! Congrats!


99% too, damn. I’ve never had more than around 150, and that’s only when I do something like go to bed early one night and later the other night, so the reviews have more time to collect. Really doesn’t help doing 150 reviews at 4am lol


I’ve let it pile up to around 750 reviews before, but I’ve never done it all in one go. I may have done ~300 at one point.


You did incredibly well!

Thus far, I’ve still managed to review daily, so nothing like that. I think my largest single session was just a few items short of 200.


Wholly cow, 3 hours! God bless you. 大変だ。 :astonished:よくできましたね。 :+1:


Well not strictly a single session, but a single day. I took a few breaks.

That was the second day of the 2-day marathon. (The first day was only 1004 reviews)


I do it multiple times every day so I haven’t really had much piling up. The most amount I’ve had in a day is roughly 450.

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Not really tough. :stuck_out_tongue:


Compared to you guys it’s only rookie numbers for me :frowning: . The biggest I did was a little under 200.


now the fun part will be getting 200 reviews every day from the ones you did all together.

When I get a pile-up I want to do them all, but I try to limit myself to 100 items for the day.


Thank you!

I actually reached level 50, but after a 2 year break I reset my account to practice again and move towards finally reaching level 60. That might be why I got so many answers right. :stuck_out_tongue:

I waited all day for @koichi to arrive at my doorstep to congratulate me on this achievement. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Actually, I never had a review session with more than 104 items, as I try to do my reviews as they happen. Most days for the past year, I had maybe 100-120 reviews per day, a handful of times maybe 170, but I cannot recall a day when I had more than that.

I think the most reviews I’ve had available at a time was 200-something, but I rarely do them all at once once they get to like 60+ so I’m not sure what my biggest single session was. Lately I’ve started using the “wrap up” feature and only doing 10 at a time, which makes it a lot less intimidating to start and I end up doing like half of my total available reviews before I’ve even realized it lol

Had around 250 yesterday, went better than expected.
I hate sessions larger than 100, but currently I usually do 3x 150s a day.

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Jiminy. I’m more impressed with the 99% accuracy than the 3 hour marathon tbh. Is this your first time through?

No good deed goes unpunished, though. :grin:

You’ve just scheduled nearly 125 items to be reviewed on the same day four months from now, 216 one day two months from now, etc. Those numbers are ON TOP OF any other scheduled reviews from lessons and reviews over the intervening days.

To avoid future days with similar pain, I think it’s usually best to burn down a big backlog in several chunks. I’m personally comfortable with around 150 reviews scheduled per day, but I start sweat whenever I have more than 200 or so items scheduled on any given day. I’d have limited myself to around 200-300 items per day until I caught up.

The good news is that such a high accuracy rate implies you know all these items quite well and won’t struggle to catch up. A huge backlog that you don’t know well can become nearly insurmountable (if things keep falling to lower stages the total number each day won’t shrink even if you stop lessons altogether).

99% accuracy while moving so fast through so many items is pretty surprising. You answered ~1954 questions (reading and meaning) correctly in 3 hours. That’s about 5.5s per question. My normal pace for ~150 items is about the same, but I achieve MUCH lower accuracy (typically 80% to 90%).

Life (and backlogs) happen, but slow and steady wins the race, IMHO.

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Thanks for the advice! You’re right, I should take these big piles in separate chunks to avoid another tidal wave of reviews at once at a later date.

I have actually reached level 50, but after a 2 year break I reset my account to practice again and move towards finally reaching level 60. That might be why I got so many answers right. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well that makes me feel a lot better about myself! (laugh)


I think around 220-230 so far. I rarely do sessions below 30 and try to keep them under 100.

Yesterday I had 300 that’s the most I’ve ever seen. Not sure what happened haha I must have over slept by a day.