500 error when attempting to access reviews page

I sent this to hello@wanikani.com, but figured I’d cross post here in case anyone in the community has seen it.

When I click on the review button on the main page (the one with the fancy illustration), I get a 500 error.

Some notes:

  • Behavior first started today (6/21/2020). It has persisted for several hours, and is not intermittent.
  • I turned off all user scripts for all wanikani pages and still got the same error message. In case it’s helpful, I listed all the userscripts I currently use. Also, I use Tsurukame for mobile so that I can do reviews when I don’t have internet access.
    • Wanikani Open Framework
    • Wanikani Niai Similar Kanji
    • WaniKani LevelUP Celebrator
    • WaniKani Stroke Order
    • WaniKani Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition
    • WaniKani Hide Context Sentence
    • WaniKani Show Specific SRS Level in Reviews
    • WaniKani Pitch Info
  • Occurs on both desktop and mobile. Verified on:
    • desktop: firefox, version 77.0.1, mac os catalina 10.15.4
    • desktop: chrome, version 83.0.4103.106, mac os catalina 10.15.4
    • mobile: firefox, version 26.0 (18099), iphone 6s ios 13.4.1
  • I can still do reviews by a 3rd party mobile app (tsurukame), but this means I can’t do any reviews at all on the official wanikani web app.

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That is the generic error page you see for Heroku, the cloud service that hosts WaniKani. It means that an unhandled error has occurred with that page of their app. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about that and you’ll have to wait until a developer gets involved.

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Thanks! I’ll sit tight until they get back to me. Everything seems to be fine for the rest of the folks on the forum, at least.

A developer helped me out, and all is well again. Thanks all!

Now, back to my reviews…


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