365 days in Wanikani! \o/

Wow, 1 year already!

Interestingly, 1 year ago I didnt even know about the existence of SRS or even wanikani, by chance I was watching a video on yt channel ‘my life in gaming’ and out of nowhere they showed wanikani (I still remember he was in lvl 6) and I was “huh? what da hell is wanikani?”

And then stopped the video right there and went straight to the website, signed up and got addicted right away with first lessons and reviews. And also got the “why so slow?” vibe. Hah, couldn’t even imagine what was going to happen after lvl 3 :laughing:

I didnt even think I could learn so much about Japanese language in this past year in a pace like this. And also get retention in my memory. I am 35 years old btw.

My background is, for over 10 years I quit completely studying japanese (I used genki II in a japanese university), tried genki again later and other less known books and never got my attention for more than a few hours. And always quit.

Now for WK, I always look forward to learning new words and what more fancy looking and complex kanji I will encounter in the next lessons.

It is so rewarding when reading an article in NHK Easy News or twitter and I see something like “rows of kanji” and I can understand things like 衆議院議員 and 自動販売機. Really, it is satisfying and it counterbalance those days with demoralizing low accuracy review piles we have sometimes :sweat_smile:

Even when I was in Japan and stuying there I didnt get all this retention and be able to read texts/articles like I can today in almost the same period of time.


So yeah, I will keep my pace for the next levels (apprentce below 90), my discipline everyday and I read around here that 40 levels are the fast levels I guess, so I look forward to seeing them now.


Wow!! I always find it really cool to hear other peoples stories about how they’re learning the language an what got them started down that path. thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


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