2020 July JLPT cancelled

Just saw this on facebook, next JLPT in Australia has been cancelled:

2020 July Test is CANCELLED

Cancellation notice
The July 2020 JLPT that was to be held on July 5 (Sun) is cancelled for both Brisbane and Canberra due to COVID-19. Therefore, applications for the Test in Australia have been suspended.

For those who have already registered, full refunds (Test fee + Eventbrite booking fee) will be made by Eventbrite to the credit card that was used for registration. The refund process is estimated to take 3-4 weeks.

For queries about the July JLPT 2020 please contact JF Sydney at: jlpt@jpf.org.au

I don’t know what it’s like for other countries but I assume it’ll be the same?


In Japan, registration is not available indefinitely (it hadn’t begun yet when the decision to make it unavailable was made), with no official decision on the test as of yet.

EDIT: They say the next time for an update is April 6th.


Wait. Australia has July tests? Since when?


Well. I am not happy about that . But i would say it is kinda to be expected. Since there’s yet clearance(is this a word ?) Of when we might expect the disease spread to lower down or at least treat or have a vaccine yet.

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In the UK, applications normally close on the 6th of April but it’s now postponed. It does not say cancelled yet. I wonder if they’ll make a world wide decision or just by country/testing centre.

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Yeah, they sent me a thing saying I’ll get a refund for the test, its a shame, but definitely figured it was incoming. It’s expected Aus will get pretty difficult in the next few weeks/months due to winter and many people getting the flu (mixing it up with covid) plus the possibility of covid ramping up, so pretty much figured.

Email I received:

Regretfully, we are announcing that the July 2020 JLPT in Australia is cancelled in both Brisbane and Canberra due to COVID-19.

Full refunds (Test fee + Eventbrite booking fee) will be made via Eventbrite to the credit card that was used for registration. The refund process is estimated to take 3-4 weeks and your patience is appreciated.
In the meantime, we ask you to take care of your health and we hope that you can continue your Japanese studies and are able to attempt the Test in the future.

In Brisbane and Canberra.


I booked a flight to do my test in Brisbane last year and then forgot to book my test


I live in the US, and the July test isn’t offered here. That must really suck, planning to take it, and then it being cancelled… I’ve been looking every so often for news about the December test, because I’ll be testing in DC (a very crowded city), so I’m afraid it might be cancelled. Stay safe!

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I am from India. So far, no announcements have been made here.

So, in Mumbai, India as well, the exams have been cancelled. I believe in atleast 20+ centres it has been cancelled and I suspect the July 2020 exam to be cancelled altogether.

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At least there was notice…
The 2018 summer exam was cancelled in Okinawa due to a typhoon a mere 2 hours before the start of the test. The typhoon didn’t even hit until that evening and I had already missed my ferry home and took a vacation day just for the exam…my god I was FUMING that day.

However, the silver lining is that you all have an extra six months to study and will absolutely kill the December exam. I believe in you!


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