20 useful phrases you'll hear everyday in Japan

Hey guys,

Here’s a video I made recently about common phrases you’ll hear on a daily basis in Japan. Recommended for beginners or people going to Japan for the first time!

Hope you enjoy and please consider subscribing if you find it helpful :slight_smile:

P.S. Yes I know there a 2 minor typos in video but unfortunately I realised that way too late aha.


Heh. I went into a restaurant after arriving in Japan on one of my trips, jet-lagged and quite tired, and got the “smoking or non-smoking” question delivered at full speed. I’m quite proud of myself for catching the 禁煙席 in the middle, and working out what it was she was saying. (Or at least, she didn’t bat an eyelid when I responded 禁煙ください.)

Might be worth including the ol’ お出口は(右/左)側です in the trains section, especially since it basically always sounds like オレンジは. And touching on the meaning of まもなく


Nice job! aha

Thanks, I’ll keep those in mind if I make a squel to this video. I was trying to keep this one to 20 phrases but I think I could have don’t that justin the train station alone!


Funnily enough, I just got 案内 on my reviews today. :grinning:

As someone who frequently buys bentos from convenience stores, 温めますか is a good one to add to that list!


!!! I thought I was the only person who thought that. I actually asked my Japanese friend what that was supposed to be and she… well she was very polite in that way that lets you know you’re the crazy one when she told me um, 出口?

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you’re not the only one. i heard it as オレンジ for a while, too :slight_smile:

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